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  1. Their total of players price at the beginning of the season was below KdB's alone(72 to 74 mil euros). Let that fact sink in for a moment
  2. Lucas digne to put ivanovic out of his misery (or us) and get azpi to his original position
  3. Well then who is? Messi who has suarez who singe-handedly brought liverpool became PL champion contender, and also has neymar who also do the same with brazil NT? Or when he became repetitive Balon D'or winner and won everything back in old days when he played with almost Spain NT squad who unquestionably were the best Spain NT in history? Damn lucky bastard Fyi, i dont want to bring another endless and most common debate topic in football history, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. Woow It baffles me when Chelsea fans dislike to be called plastics yet some of us acted like ones Moods and even loyalty are so depend on results. And dont say excuse like not improving performance is the reason you being angry cause Im pretty sure we mock Arsenal for being winner of football performance. And said things about draw felt like a lost? Do I really read that right? Deep in you didnt feel slightly happiness when we lost 2-0 in 1st half and come back to get a draw? Woow indeed. I bet bunch of you like it better if Chelsea lost for the sake of sacking Mourinho right now. And still
  5. Ridiculous money to begin with. Let alone the fact how City accepted that stupid price from liverpool. Add more to that stupidity level for giving raheem poundsterling his inapproriate wage for 20 year old boy. And the reason of resale value is nonsense at any angle. 50m pounds is the price for world class players. There is no club who spent 50m pounds and add resale price as the parameter to players like Angel di maria, luis suarez, or ronaldo.
  6. Funny how some guys said about how lame and ridiculous the lineups. Its like they spent 10 hours a day with the players and have a right to say about how a player will play shit in specific match And its like Jose just came with the wild roughly idea and play some random formation with random players that will play shit in a league FINAL! Cmon, just trust jose before the match, and give critics after, when he deserved. But nahhh, the whiners will go on and on, and will always smile together in the end of the day when we get the result. And dont worry... Its not low, its normal. Just keep doin
  7. Ze Mario


    Willian has become so predictable this day. Even the referee can take the ball from him"
  8. Tbf willian can take a shoot and did it briliantly multiple times. Only he tend to play it wide
  10. Amazing goal from totti. #Respect
  11. The lad getting stronger and stronger every single day. The way he did a willian-dribble and outmuscle colback at late minutes simply proved it.
  12. Seeing these guys on chelsea shirt is like a girl who sucked stinky smell **ck on her mouth and got oversize **ck load onto her butt hole at the same time
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