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  1. Prepare to be very surprised .
  2. Come home Luke ,the time is right and Stamford Bridge loves a real Chelsea boy . It is meant to happen .
  3. Same here zolayes , I always saw him as a better DM than the one we kept (will not mention the name ,some get upset ) . But here is to the future and quicker passing and an ability to read the game and briliant once again from Mourinho to fix this big problem we have struggled with for years that some of us saw .
  4. Hate is the wrong word ,nice guy awful footballer ,welcome to Chelsea Nemanja Matic is my main point . Do you think Mourinho hates Mikel or just does not rate him as a footballer ? Dont be in denial any longer look to the future and back Mourinho and our new DM . And forget players who are no longer relevant and dont be to upset at their demotion . Mourinho has acted to sort out our DM problem that was Mikel ,be positive and embrace reallity,it has happened ,well done Jose for proving me right and resigning this player,dont look backwards just hope we can offload Mikel as soon as possible
  5. Matic is ten times a better player than Mikel ,that is all you need to know . Well done Mourinho on sorting out our DM problem , we will counter much quicker now , Matic is a playmaker ,very positive and quick thinking ,he will link up and give our three AM's much quicker ball than Mikel , he reads the game much better ,a fantastic signing by Mourinho and a very obvious one given the limitations of Mikel. Some bad decisions have been made at the club in recent years when you think players like Matic were allowed to leave while the club persevered with Mikel,but thankfully Mourinho has now a
  6. I see a Luiz / Ramires as well for Mourinho v Moyes . Feel more confident now?
  7. There were people on here ( they know who they are) who were saying sack Mourinho and he was useless after the Arsenal game . . I got ridiculed for saying how special he is .
  8. Wow did he score a goal after being out for ages with injury? Not a bad job partnering Suarez ,is it.
  9. 1. Yes he is. 2. No that was you and the fanboys. 3. Yes the big void that was Mikel. 4. No that means less playing time for Mikel ,one can only hope he has got the message and does not hang around for four years ,robbing Chelsea of money. Lampard is 35 he should not have to carry Mikel nor should Ramires. 5. He will not be a starter for sure now Mourinho has decided to sign a replacement. 5.
  10. Even after their fav has been replaced ,they are still in denial . It is a terrible thing denial,let it go mate .
  11. He may be 6ft 5"? but he is first and foremost a very good footballer,you are right he does all the above things and Mourinho has acted to sort out our biggest problem very quickly. And I mean this position is a bigger problem for us than our striker problem ,Matic for Mikel puts us in a strong position to win all trophies especially the league where we have fallen well short in recent times. Once again Mourinho has seen our biggest problem and acted where a series of managers failed. They do not call him special for nothing.
  12. Blame what? As has been said before we and other clubs have managed to win trophies with players as awful as Mikel in the side ,if Matic comes Jose will have corrected the seven year mistake.
  13. Well that was my opinion and you of all people know that is usually right and has seen to be right once again.
  14. Nope . It will see the end of Mikel though ,this is one manager who does know what he is doing ,it is all so very obvious and Mourinho was never going to be mugged and ultimatley sacked because of the oh so slow and useless Mikel ,dont hold your breath about Benfica taking Mikel off our hands though ,Matic was a better player than Mikel when he was last here and it is costing us millions to correct our mistake. Lampard,Matic,Ramires and Luiz will be our options in the pivot. The Mikel deception is about to end .
  15. 26shares Share on Facebook Share on TwitterJohn Terry is ready to give the thumbs up to an England return (Picture: Getty Images)John Terry is ready to come out of international retirement in an effort to win a place in Roy Hodgson’s World Cup squad. Chelsea skipper Terry lead England into the last World Cup in South Africa four years ago when Fabio Capello’s team flopped. He then stood down in September 2012, after being suspended for four matches by the Football Association over the Anton Ferdinand racism row – even though he was cleared of criminal charges. Now the dust has settled in th
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