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  1. I try to base my judgement on how he is playing for Chelsea, rather than how he played for RB or what managers might have wanted him. The second point is very debatable anyway, we have no way of knowing just how interested other clubs were. They might have liked the idea of having him in the team, but did not deem him worth what we paid. I also don't base my judgement of him from the last two games. I have noticed the same tendencies from the first friendly we saw him in. He works hard, is very fast and if given space will find a goalscoring position. It is not a question of him being
  2. Of all the players we bought this season, Werner concerns me the most. On one hand he works his ass off, is good at finding space and has shown that he has that magic quality where he can conjure something out of nothing (usually due to his insane speed) At the same time, it is becoming more and more clear that he lacks many qualities that we need. His passing, ability to retain the ball, first touch and even finishing can be atrocious at times. He has missed several amazing opportunities already, and low blocks in particular cancel him out. I am wondering more and more whether he
  3. Havertz will never shine against decent opposition in the setup we have now, and it does not only apply to him. Was Werner good today? How about Pulisic, Mount or Abraham? There is no link at all between defence and attack. Almost every single time ball to Havertz or other attacking players come via hoofed balls, or a pass that instantly invites pressure. We play way, way too slowly, leading to every pass and action being so predictable that the opposition can react before it happens. How often do you see us break through the middle via Kante or Jorginho? They are much happier
  4. FB --> CB --> CB --> FB --> CM --> CB --> FB with the occasional Gk and CAM included for a pass or two. This team will never become a title challenger as long as our midfield has next to no role in our build-up. If the other team is making sure to shut down our 10, we will create next to nothing.
  5. Hazard is a completely different type of player than Havertz. His playing style was a good fit for both PL and the team Chelsea had back then.
  6. So far the best purchase of the season for us. Excellent contribution in both directions. fast, good in the air, working hard and so on. If he can keep this up over a season, we have a very good (and still improving) LB for the next decade.
  7. The guy is 21 years old, moved away from his childhood team to a new one where he basically started without a pre-season. Yes, he was poor yesterday. Yes he looked careless with the ball, and did not create much overall. The rest of the team looked poor too however. Werner had a horrible first touch, Pulisic got bogged down and threatened very rarely, Kante and Jorginho barely managed to maintain possession etc. It was a difficult game, and Frank's tactics currently are not favoring many of the players. He has shown more than once since his arrival though that he is very ta
  8. I wasn't able to see the second half yesterday, so only saw the replay now. Yes, the defence is far from being helpful but the last two goals could have been prevented easily with a better GK. This whole thing reminds me of a another club I support strongly, AIK from Stockholm. In the 2009/10 season we won the league, but our GK left the following season to another club. In his place we had a guy who was just like Kepa. Made mistakes, had no confidence, no command and in the end cost the team many points. You could see that the whole team got into a negative spiral, because even whe
  9. I wonder how much patience lampard will get from the board. Its becoming more and more clear that the issue lies with the tactics and not the players. We have had the same game plan for ages, and it's as boring as it is ineffectual. The use of the wings and area in front of the opposition defence is criminally underused.
  10. I agree. When you look at some of our best chances in the first half you will see that they originated with good passes from Havertz. It is a relief to see that he does have the ability to play those through-balls, we have been missing it a lot since Fabregas stopped being a starter. It is still early in his Chelsea days, but he seems destined to become our playmaker.
  11. It is crazy to me how some of the British media is so blatantly against Chelsea. I generally enjoy content from The Guardian, but reading their sport section on Chelsea just showcases how biased they are. For this game for example, they take great pleasure in mentioning the defensive errors for the goals, the WBA awareness to react on them, how Chelsea have spent money on players that arent instantly lighting up the league, how WBA was unlucky to not win the game etc. Even the angle for the Chelsea goals is a negative one, that it is the increasingly marginalized academy players who ha
  12. It is hard to blame Frank for the first two goals. Both come from individual mistakes and any system is vulnerable to those. The third however is just showcasing how poor this team is on set-pieces, and that is 100% on the coaching. Even if you isolate corners, they are quite useless in both directions. We had so many attacking corners today, and none of them were even close to causing danger. WBA on the other hand had direct or indirect dangerous actions on almost every single one. Also, the subs were a complete joke. Why in the world would you have Abraham, Giroud and Werne
  13. On paper 3-3 is a shitty result for us. Leaky defence, only 1 point etc. Coming back from 0-3 to draw is however always a really good result. This game looked completely lost at half-time. The team deserves some respect for clawing back until the very end. It might also be the last game for a while with the temporary defense lineup. Mendy will be ready for the next game, Chilwell will replace Alonso and Silva will be more fit.
  14. While the scoreline is a disgrace, are we really getting mauled? I don't think there is a person watching this game who could say 0-3 is a fair score currently. It sucks balls now, but these games will happen every season. Nothing works for us while the other team seems to score by accident every 10 minutes. We need to rinse of the emotion and analyze whether the score is a result of the gameplan, individual performances or just plan bad luck.
  15. Another point, Kante is never going to work under FL. He is extremely wasted in a system that plays with slow possession and playing from the back. It is a disfavor to both him and us to have him start in these type of games. It is not even that he is bad, it is just that there is next to nothing he can do here other than win some balls back. We arent the counter-attacking team.
  16. What a fucking freakshow of a game. Every chance from WBA has ended up in the net, whereas our players has done their best to take down blimps out of the air. Watching this after the Utd game makes it even worse. I actually think our gameplan isnt so bad, we have had our chances and could easily have been up. What is a problem is that every single attack we have had has been from our right side. The left side is basically playing as a decoy currently. Kovacic and Havertz have been good I would say. Havertz is actually impressing me and plays those through balls we need for these
  17. First game in a natural position for him leads to three goals, an uncredited assist and two passes that really should have been assists. Quite a difference from the wing. I don't think he was perfect this game stats aside, he gave the ball away a few times and was a bit nonchalant in his work rate here and there. Mount is the less talented but harder working twin of Kai, they are so similar on the pitch that I honestly confuse them regularly. Anyway, clearly has heaps of talent and just needs to get more matchfit and learn what to expect from his new teammates.
  18. I think Havertz suffers from his own versatility. We said before he came that he could do well in several positions, and clearly we see that Frank feels likewise. Until our first choices are back he will most likely be moved around to wherever we have a gap. Most likely we won't see the new Chelsea until after the international break, and even then it will take months to create some kind of cohesion. I don't rate Frank very highly as a tactician, but even if he was one it would be a tall task to expect six new players (of which five are from a different league) in the starti
  19. True, he is still not getting to play as an 8 or 10 which is where we will see his main value. He got more opportunities with the ball today though, and he managed to do more with it than against Brighton.
  20. I am honestly not convinced about Frank as a manager. He has never struck me as a real tactician, but more of a man manager. He is early in his career though, and as any player he will develop. Joining us at this point was too early though most likely, andd I hope it doesnt affect his legacy. Personally I will hold off on any real judgement until end of October. When we have Silva, Mendy, Chilwell, Ziyech and Pulisic available for a few games I expect the games to look much better. If we still look toothless at that point then we will for sure have an issue on our hands.
  21. Shame, I thought he showed some improvement in the first half. Anyway, with Mendy coming in his time is coming to an end. Perhaps it will be another 3-4 games before Mendy is ready to start, but even if it is Kepa in goal for those it will be his last important games for us barring injuries.
  22. I actually think he was decent this game. He set up a few attacks, created space with a couple of good flicks and overall was tidy in possession. Better than against Brighton.
  23. He had a very average debut, but I blame Frank for it more than Kai. Havertz is very versatile, but that doesnt mean he can play any position in any system. Yesterday, he was a winger without both space and service. Whenever he got the ball, it was a slow pass with him not facing the opposition's goal, and with a player or two on him instantly. While he is very skilled, he is not a Sancho that can make that work somehow. Instead, his best qualities were completely nullified from where he was playing. It was so rare to see him have the ball, face the right direction and with spac
  24. Look at that, we actually threaten Brighton when we control the middle. Who would have thought?
  25. Our midfield play is simply atrocious, pure garbage. We have no control or ball retention in the central midfield. Mount and Havertz are not at all involved in the play in the first half, Kante is mostly disrupting Brighton, while Jorginho gets to play a pass or two when he drops deep. Otherwise it is just CB/FB hoofing the ball up. I really, really hope that this is down to missing players and when Havertz and Mount play more centrally supported by Kovacic/Kante we will see more quality in possession. The wing play is just not going anywhere currently. Really liking Werner so far,
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