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  1. So considering the FFP implications on the squad limit and homegrown players besides the fines. How do we stand for the next season in terms of how is our squad gonna be like and which players will we need to sell to buy new ones to balance? Please provide your views. I have been thinking over it and would love some inputs from more Chelsea fans! Cheers!
  2. If you look at fixtures for Man City and Chelsea, we still have a relatively easier run of games. Considering we are already ahead with 9 points and done playing majority of the top teams. It's exciting times ahead. Pressure on our rivals!!!
  3. They are broadcasting the Chelsea game today right?!?!
  4. Yaya Toure was owned by Oscar and Ramires tag team.
  5. I think this is the most baseless and absurd comment I have seen on this forum. I mean really? I dont know how to emphasize this enough but it was god damn penalty. We need to give Lukaku the backing he deserves. Thats what fans do right?
  6. Mata's Blog: The week I (we) have been through has not been an easy one. As you know, Roberto Di Matteo is no longer our manager after our defeat in Turin against Juventus. It was a tough defeat that leaves us in a difficult situation before the last game of the group stage in the Champions League, since we don’t depend on ourselves to get through. Shaktar must win in Ukraine and we must win at Stamford Bridge. But I still believe we can do it, and I’m confident that we will get to the next stage! I would like to thank Roberto for all this time with us. We spent very good moments together, som
  7. Everywhere I have been reading the comments regarding the sacking, we are getting plastered by other fans. I expected a little different at the CFC forum. I am completely shocked and pissed off myself but there is no point complaining about the whole situation. Our players and the club needs us fans to stick together more than ever so lets KTBFFH. RDM was a CFC legend as a player and as a coach. Most successful CFC coach ever since 1905! Considering our track record for the past decade under the Roman era, it is second to none in the Premier league. However, I do think that Roman has made a m
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