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  1. So, logically, what do you want money from us for? Mutu should pay the compensation, if he cant, he calls bankruptcy and that's that. For everyone bringing up the 2 non eu player rule, that is a Lega Calcio rule and not a FIFA thing so they have nothing to do with that. Also we did nothing wrong in that regard.
  2. If you hire Benitez it means one thing, you are trying to get the best out of Torres because whoever refuses to sell him after that big investments.
  3. Mikel is a good player, you need someone like that in the midfield.
  4. Thanks guys, when our midfielders are ticking we are hard to beat. Having Vucinic back helps as well. It isn't over yet. I don't think shaktar will play for the draw. The danes will also play the game of their lives in the last one
  5. I think we played well, I think your tactics were wrong. The tempo was exactly how we wanted it
  6. Should be a good game, I am nervous already. We screwed up drawing with the Danes and now it all comes down to this. We need an early goal, my heart says we will win but I think you guys will get a draw. This is what champions league is all about, these games. Hopefully it is a good one for us
  7. Do you once again not see the irony? I have made logical arguments, you come back with Ad hominems. What was the point in telling me to piss off from the forum? I have been a member longer than you. How have I posted delusional bullshit?
  8. Im sure if you constructed a decent counter argument everyone would be cool with it.
  9. I didn't say anything about interceptions.
  10. He isn't better than Lamps in the holding role, in a 4-3-3 he might be better as a side CM but not in a midfield 2.
  11. You said Oscar had more tackles than Lampard didn't you? Lamps 92% pass accuracy, touches 82, fouls 1, shots 2, tackles 2. Oscar 90% pass accuracy, touches 49, 4 fouls, shots 2, tackles 2. So im not sure where you got that from.
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