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  1. he could be the difference in us winning the epl this season and winning the europa, im telling you lads, this deal will happen, make grandma knows people in belgium. believe.beyond.relief
  2. says the fan that supports the club and has no football knowledge what so ever, i agree the club made huge mistake in the past with big money, but this lad played with oscar before our brazilian connection is strong, he might our messi... you never know.
  3. fuck off with this david luiz hate, his better then every defender we have.. ther i said it...
  4. how shit are we without mata? seriously, not all over our midfielders are world class.
  5. will youtube comfirms it pretty much.. trust me is the truth " taison welcome to chelsea " videos all over it.
  6. to be honest with you i rather the combination of mata oscar moses rather the hazards, his good player but no where near oscar and mata we'll see where taison stands if he signs. and on the 25 million price tag? isn't that almost the exact amount chelsea lost in the cl this season? some people forget is not ther money, don;t get too attached to Romans bank account, it has no bottoms.
  7. im still alittle worried after the torres transfere, falcao will be 27 next year and cavani will be 26. just bring lakaku sell torres and buy .....................................bring in
  8. we have world class cbs, i believe the best thing for the club to do is move up the youth know, surely anyone else coming in won't replace the current setup/
  9. 15million a steal, don't let city get him Roman! bring him here. stacked on attacking midfielders but i dont give two what anyone says, isco going city is going to be deadly and they are already crying about us signing taison.
  10. he can play left wing.. mata days in wings are over, he will play on left wings/ striker the marin problem is still ther, could be on his way out this summer tbh.
  11. people also undermined willian remember? oh how we forgot, he tore our arse into pieces in champions league.
  12. this will be a double post but let me add this HAZARD has been shit - he won't win us games, trust me MATA is the only juan
  13. cheer up lads, we are the european champions and we have game in hand on spuds, third is ours, i understand the expectations are very high at chelsea and johnny come lately fanbase need to realise we won't always win everything and we won't always compete nose to nose for titles, we are not champions material yet, ba is here. hopefully torres fucks off this january for good, im actually glad he was soo shit, i dont want one of those torres is back games, i hope his shit till he leaves Roman - striker - checked Roman - pep guerdiola -checked Roman - faillaini - checked
  14. doesnt look like the manchester clubs will drop any points anytime soon , makes our life reall hard tbh we have to win till they fuck off and lose, i really thought wigan had it in ther sleeves guess not,
  15. luiz was excellent, no matter what people say, stupid skysport commentary says " i just know his going to cause foul " and the whole thin minded fans go on luiz hate rampage.
  16. his too casual mate.. i remember a game where he was shit until ronaldo gave him couple of sitters before he scored one. we need back to the wall striker.... seriously no more fantasy flickers
  17. i agree with the sensible posters on here about falcao and the 50million scare, we can't afford that, we need to get a 25 million striker and give lakaku time, we saw what sturridge did at bolton, but when he came back.. he was just as shit before he left. bring in cavani.. he fits us more his physical and very technical.
  18. what most you don't realise, he might sturridge replacement, i hope is true with falcao coming in and torres fucking off to spain or whatever.
  19. at west brom he went 13 with no win.. i'd expected the same from him if something hadnt been done.. but never was happy with the rb
  20. your abviously clueless in every way possible, were expected to compete with the manchester clubs, not fuckin fight for 3rd or 4th under rdm our defense was shit.. know our offense is shit... you should put the club first because stability under RB were going to be the new midtable club with rich owner.
  21. im thinking the samething, what if roman is lookin at how he fucked inter up.... then realizing if if his not fired soon... we might miss cl for next year too.. similar to liverpoool....
  22. i would be happy with draw if it ther goals involved... but ffs our striker is sooo shit.. not even a wings backs can help him...
  23. usually drogba would finish one off for us in this game.. were stuk with the spanish lady boy... fuck
  24. get rid of benitaz roman cmon fuck off torres
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