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  1. You can see the CL ads in the background FFS. Surely you people can't be serious.
  2. Can't stand the obsessed with bringing up academy players crowd. We're not Borussia Dortmund. We have the ability to buy world class players instead of being forced to bring up young players...so we do. Do you want to compete for EPL titles and CL titles or do you want to integrate youth players all the time FFS? If RLC, or Ake, or McEachran, or Chalobah were at all close to the level of players like Pogba we'd be playing them instead of buying other players. It's not a difficult concept to understand. So stop bitching about not giving academy players a chance unless you want to trade in com
  3. Kinda funny. All the reasons people here don't like him are the same things our rivals used to say about Drogba.
  4. We're a striker away from running away with the league.
  5. Don't know why people are shocked Lukaku was quiet against Madrid. They are Real Madrid after all. Any striker not named Lewandowski, Cavani, Falcao, Ibra, etc is going to struggle against them.
  6. We're judging players to be shit and others to be world class based on friendlies against the Malaysia and Thailand AllStars. Awesome. It's not like the players haven't been off for two months or anything, or that they aren't even fit yet, or that it's some of their first ever chelsea matches, or that the competition is garbage, or that the games are meaningless, or that they're not even playing full throttle. I mean jesus christ what is wrong with you people?
  7. Not this shit again... it's two meaningless preseason games you moron. If he is German national team level then he is certainly Chelsea level.
  8. Lol @ using Ronaldo and Robben as examples. Two completely opposite ends of the spectrum as Ronaldo is one of the most two-footed players maybe ever and Robben is maybe the most one footed player ever.
  9. Similar to the way Mourinho used Benzema and Higuain, there will be no 1st or 2nd choice. Whoever starts which game will be based on form, tactics, and opponent. One does not necessarily have to be considered "first choice"
  10. Pirlo is in his mid 30s and is still one of the best midfielders around. DDR is a lot similar. This age talk is rubbish.
  11. Really good article on him by ESPN FC. A move to the bridge may be just what he needs.
  12. Do you all not realize that that is exactly what his agent gets paid to do? Like that is literally his job. Say things about his player in the press and about his current club to do whatever he can to get more money for his player. Stop overreacting. That's what every agent does. He wouldn't have a job if he wasn't doing those things.
  13. Messi isn't a striker. He plays deeper more like a #10. Villa is leaving this summer. Pedro, Sanchez, and Tello are not strikers either they are attacking mids/wingers. Neymar is a winger not a striker. Do you even watch Barca play? Torres wouldn't be competing with any of those players, they aren't strikers. No. Messi never plays as a central striker. Messi is more of an attacking mid than a striker.
  14. If Torres stays here he won't be playing AT ALL so he would most definitely get more playing time at Barca. He won't have to compete with Ba, lukaku, and Cavani at Barca.
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