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  1. Really wanted Jose to turn it around, but we have been shit for months now and I don't think he can. We a big clear out and to start all over again. Can't believe I'm saying this about the champions, what has gone wrong ?
  2. Sad news, I was 10 when I started going, still remember singing Bobby Cambells blue army in the old shed end. Seems like yesterday. RIP
  3. Haven't posted for a while as it's been very depressing. Are we looking good lads ? sense some good vibes which I haven't seen for a long time lol ?
  4. Perfect free kick in that position. Get in.
  5. It's a bit of a piss take but fuck it, I just think of how far we have come since the Bobby Campbell days and all is forgiven lol. It's easy to forget when we are playing shit and I go back into 89 - 90s teenage mode and life is over because we have lost, a regular occurrence hahahahahahah . Standing in the shed freezing hands on the fences watching the ball slip between Daves legs lol. So let them have their bit of fortune we are so lucky to be in west London. Just wish when we lose everyone not to have a melt down and just take a breath step back and think what if we didn't sign Gullit wh
  6. ramiiiiii looool he can only score great goals.
  7. They are a fucking joke, all arse supporters I know are the same. They know more about Chelsea than their own shit club, just plain fucking jealousy . I was told our titles don't count and selling David for £50 mil was fraudulent hahahahahahah we gave PSG'S owner a bag of cash hahaha like he needs a bag of cash, what a cunt. He lost the argument and plot when he said it's unfair, lololololololol grow up mug.
  8. Hahaha just finished reading. Fuck me, Sack Mourinho hahahahahahah. Thanks for the laugh. Glad the Chelsea supporters I meet in real life are not like this. Any way where's Supporter when you need a heart warming uplifting post lol. Supporter where are yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu !!! Can some one tag him in, don't know how, cheers.
  9. Lol Roy Keane saying Costa antics are silly. They are a bit Roy, but coming from you hahahahahahah
  10. He's fucking done it again... Get innnnnnnnn brannnnnno
  11. Lol, I mean so I can place a bet, not doubting you bud.
  12. You need to start sharing these feelings before games.
  13. Lol I was 1, But I'm laughing more at the people moaning about not being 8 points clear. I was quite happy to still be 5 points clear after today... Today was a bonus points day.
  14. How we doing peeps ? All i've got is this big nose fuck who hates us on sky sports soccer sat......
  15. We all complain about Brano, but Jesus does he score some important goals.
  16. Lol, I love the effort you put in every post. Keep it up.
  17. It feels so good to beat the victims, soooooooo good. Oh yea I love Costa.
  18. Typical scum !, The shed end's gonna stink for days.
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