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  1. good point, that said courtois is going to need competition. think cech's best days are well and truely behind him now and he should be cashed in while money can still be got for him.
  2. except for rooney, who gets a payrise, im also certain old bacon face would have done anything to keep ronaldo.
  3. yeah, been sensational this season, has genune quality, commands the area well, great reflexes, good movement.
  4. ins. krul, 8-10mil. marvin martin, 10-15mil dejan lovren, 8-15mil walker 10mil baines 15mil ever banega 8-10mil cavanni 35mil.
  5. definately not a team that should be underestimated, they defend well and seem a team that gets up for a fight when they face the big boys, i expect them to keep men behind the ball and look to spring the counter. they don't have any pace through the middle so most of their attacks will come via the flanks with jarvis being the main threat. score early and this could be anything, leave it late and i worry about a sucker punch.
  6. wow, quite knowledgeable there!, i rememeber reading an article on him prior to his move to arsenal and he had the amazing statistic of winning every tackle he made in ligue 1 prior to his move to arsenal. anyway in regards to cahills potential move to chelsea, i think we can do better. the money thing is a misnomer really, alot of the old boys are on contracts that aren't representative of what a footballler should be paid, also people who aren't footballers don't earn 50k per week so its incomparable(for people saying you'd be upset of your peers were earning more ect). if cahill doesn't wan
  7. don't be starting on luiz, he's amazing. sturridge tearing up the newcastle defence, great player.
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