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  1. How much did they turn down from us? £40m LETS ALL TAKE A MOMENT AND...... ...........LAUGH AT SPUDS
  2. and ramires is best when he is in full flow running which is simply not the case when you play him on rw! him instead of essien in midfield is just COMMON SENSE!
  3. Same predictable monotone midfield (full of box-box midfielders) -> same result
  4. Go ahead then, quit your account. Noone's stopping you :/ Its a FORUM ffs, everyone has the right to say what they think! No offence but even I've noticed how the belgian members on here have a tendency to overrate and hype up belgian players e.g. lukaku etc before we signed him. So after below par performances, its only natural for people to voice their concerns after all the hype
  5. http://www.megaviptv.eu/ch1.html but in french
  6. No, but to expect him to guide us to a championship was downright insanity Like it or not, we didnt exactly set the world alight with our football this season. The trophies we won were down the grit and determination of the old guard who knew this was probably their last realistic shot...
  7. what? that doesn't even make any sense? what does torres have anything to do with this?
  8. Never fails to amaze me how fickle football fans are, had drogba not carried us to the two finals we would've probably sat next season watching channel 5. Not trying to put a downer on things btw, just stating how easily football fans can get carried away. Lampard IS past it, so is Terry, whether you like it or not...
  9. Emm, that explains his performances in the league where he used to get 'shackled' by the likes of mccarthy against wigan, right? I bet you thought drogba had another season in him as well!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyA_MB9l-before
  11. Cant believe how no one on here seems to think we need a good central midfielder. Playing lampard is like flagging a dead horse...
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