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  1. In Sri Lanka, ManU is definitely the biggest, but Chelsea wud be 2nd I guess Liverpool 3rd, but not sure cz I dont know any older fans..! Barca is growing faster, few Arsenal & Real fans & the rest is glory hunters..!
  2. I got a bit carried away when this ICONIC stadium idea first published, only to hear this disappointing f***ing shit of news, oh god pls make the company which bought the site go bankrupt & sell it to Chelsea for half price
  3. First of all great singing..! but what do we do with KDB, KAKUTA, LUKAKU, PIAZON, JOSH etc? but cannot wait to see the start of a new era @ Chelsea GET HULK & VDW for gods sake
  4. hell yeah, & I do not expect him to hit back like Nando, if he falters in the first place
  5. Yah I'm quite sick of is twitter antics too, bit of immature and unprofessional (Harry Kewell & Lebron James style), yet he has not mentioned Chelsea, it's just Champion's Lg winners (dont know if it's of 2012 or 2009)
  6. Anyone expecting match time for Josh, Piazon, KDB, Marin and Lukaku next season?
  7. don't be so dumb, are U want me to make a lecture on BUSINESS RISKS or what? Torres was a typical of what I was talking about... Chelsea board did not want to take a risk like they did with Sheva so they went for Torres, who is a PROVEN striker in the Premier League and paid the price, whereas Liverpool went with Suarez - half the price but double the risk & the gamble paid off....! The Chelsea ppl did not just have the balls for it we could hv had Suarez + Ba + Cisse for 50m P.S I love Torres the most (but only after he joined us, earlier he was topping on my hate list along with Rooney)
  8. for me Moura is half Ronaldinho (dribbling, creativity, odd skills) half Valencia (powerful, bullet shooting, lightning quick) for guys who keep saying 'not proven in Europe'.... every damn guy doing business knows THE HIGHER THE RISK THE HIGHER THE REWARD, yet it depends on the guy WHO HAS THE BALLS FOR IT...!
  9. Moura for me, he's f***ing amazing, he is strong, got a cannon of a right leg, very classy with weaving runs (nobody was there @ Chelsea to do those since Zola) & my boy he's got such energy levels enuf to rival even Rambo, U know U hv to have energy more than 10 cans of RedBull to be beat 3 or more opponents, with the ball, starting from the half line and in the vdo, it luks like, he's made it his trademark....! Roman he's worth breaking the bank...!
  10. Both Hazard and Moura are Young Skill full Wingers Creative and VERY EXPENSIVE but who would you think will be a better signing? I'm pretty sure one of the two will be a Chelsea player next season. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6LJJlsnXis
  11. Good decision that he wanted to leave on a high, but we wud certainly miss him @ Wembley Yet I am a bit happy that Nando wud be the main frontman for us from now, if we play to his strengths we wud f***king defend the Champ LG title with certain f***ing style HATERS HATE US MORE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, We are the Champions We are the Champions We are the Champions no time for LOSERS NO TIME FOR LOSERS WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE F***ING WORLD
  12. ooops I just found out its mentioned below my profile pic, I now realise that the Final on Saturday has even had an impact on my eyesight.....!
  13. yah of course, unfortunately I have to mention my nationality as English, cz thrz no Sri Lanka in the Nationality list...! guess the mods thought Sri Lanka is like USA, where the clever rogues from all over the world occupy the Apaches' land BTW hw did U find out I am a Sri Lankan?
  14. heard that Chelsea will not be granted their wish as The American Embassy which is planned to be built a mile away from Battersea thinks it is UNSAFE for the embassy to have 50000 fans walking past it every week f***ing yanks go to your own country...! oh shit I just forgot that that you ugly fat gypsies do not have a country for urselves
  15. Came back from the DEATHBED to be crowned European Champions.....!
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