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  1. Chelsea to offer Cesc Fabregas £200,000-a-week to move to Stamford Bridge.
  2. A lot of it has to do with the material. While I was living in Thailand I could buy replica jerseys that looked damn real, but once you put it on it was almost positively fake. Not sure what the 2006 England jersey was made of. It looks real to me...
  3. I feel bad about him missing the penalty. That can't be good for his confidence, but as a professional he should get over it. I hope that he comes out all guns blazing again next time he plays for the club. A goal for him in the coming weeks would be something special!
  4. Pretty ridiculous. The game doesn't care what shirt you are wearing. Whatever shirt YOU are wearing there will also be fans wearing different, so that makes no sense. This discussion should be about what shirts the players are wearing. FFS who cares what the fans are wearing, as long as it supports the club!
  5. Drogba! Essien is out of luck this year with his injury and all.
  6. You can't get mad at his changes. He pulls three players at the half and IMMEDIATELY after we score two quick goals! It was insane, and when I heard we scored so fast I attributed that to the manager. Unlucky about Kalou, and I don't feel too bothered about losing. Like you guys said, Blackburn deserve it... That'd be great if they could go on to win it over the mancs.
  7. I read that a couple hours ago and agree with most of what he says. Mourinho was a different style, and I would love to watch a match between Chelsea 2005 and Chelsea 2009... who would win? I would have to say that our Chelsea now would win. Does anybody know our statistics in the 2005 league fourteen games into the season?
  8. By that statistic we have four more penalties to lose before we win another. Hopefully that win will fall at a special moment in the Champions League. What a shame. We have Ballack, Drogba, Lampard... do either of these guys ever miss? Although Ballack missed yesterday. It's just our lot in life!
  9. My oh my, these topics are getting off topic faster and faster these days. I don't actually recall a specific dream but I know that I've had them. I once do remember that I had a nightmare about us losing a Champions League final again! I think I teared up.
  10. I seriously consider this a way for the club to tone down the speculation. If I were the board I would tell the media that big spending is not likely, just so that they don't constantly have people breathing down their back (as has been the case since Abrom). It gets a little old, and I myself wouldn't mind the tabloids shutting up for a bit. Good play on Carlo's part, whether he is telling the truth or not.
  11. I do believe that this game is going to be party, and find it sort of odd some papers are writing about how Blackburn could beat us. At this rate? I would like to see: ---------------------Cech------------------------ Ferreira---Terry--------Alex-----Zhirkov ------------------Mikel--------------------------- Ballack-------------------------------Malouda --------------------Deco------------------------- ---------Sturridge--------------Anelka------------ With a young bench including Kakuta, Di Santo, Stoch, Borini....
  12. The whole shopping bit made me happy. When the players get along together outside of the game then they certainly will want to help each other inside of the game as much as possible. I wonder if Ancelotti set them up on a play date because they never got to work together under Grant and Hiddink.
  13. Hilario forever! What a game he had against Liverpool! I don't miss Cudicini like I thought that I would.
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