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  1. Irrespective if we pull off a miracle and win the CL, Kova, jorginho need to be sold. The only time they look good is when kante is on the pitch. Together they are shambles. Rice is a must. Other than that, I would honestly cut our losses with Werner and get any half decent FWD.
  2. Here is a stat for you, we scored 58 PL games in 38 PL games. That's not a typo. That's the truth. All of those stats are meaningless because we as a team have failed to score and convert chances. Put in haaland instead of Werner and mount would have atleast 5-10 more assists. In top 10, only arsenal scored fewer. Those 6 goals are more than 10% of our PL goals, understand? You are trying to take away shit from him because he scored againat relegated teams, yet we dropped 5 points to wba. 5!!!! Someone else scores those "Apparently" pointless goals against Wba and we would not have
  3. Why? Did he also call you out on your asenine agenda too?
  4. This. I mean, I do understand that people are upset after a loss, but to single out mount? Really? Absolutely loathe some of what is written. Look at what @NikkiCFC wrote. It's just abhorring. It's like people made up their minds last season, and now every time the kid has a poor game, they would be here to say "I told you so". Fucking hell, I have seen messi have stinkers. Did anyone watch the semis in 2012 against Barca. Absolute stinkers. WE have such an amazing talent in our ranks and some "fans" (the word is used very lightly here) would rather bitch and moan about him because
  5. Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahaha. This is the single post pathetic, sad and asenine shit I have read on the internet ever. And the internet is filled with sad, pathetic and asenine shits.
  6. And what will they get from it? You think Perez will sit quietly if his most recent coup fails? The Yankee owners won't try any other shit to stay relevant. We have massively tilted the power in favour of uefa and Fa, and they will be grateful. Pissing us off would basically be like losing one of the big teams who might be on there side the next time this shit happens. And if they are pissed, so what? It was the right thing to do. We fucked up. And now own upto it, rather than trying to ride it out.
  7. What have you been smoking dude. 4 clubs have already backed out. 4!!! We finally have some goodwill with literally every section of fans, media praising us. Stop with your agenda and propoganda. It was one of the worst things to have been proposed. We had the least to gain and most to lose. We woukd literally have been saving redundant shit clubs like arsenal and spurs, who in tje first club even tried to stop roman from getting the club.
  8. With the same logic, why would you even want to watch a closed league of 12 teams, specially when there is no relegation involved? Also last year Lakers and nuggets got to the conference final in the west while Miami and Celtics fought for it in East. Just the last 3 nba titles has been won by all different teams - Lakers, raptors, gsw. I will give you that gsw did build a dynasty, but atleast their dynasty was solely oit of draft picks in curry, Klay, green. I highly appreciate that over making of super teams, which is what will happen if these super rich clubs get even more r
  9. Absolutely. Would love to be like Lakers who for 10 years could not make the play off and were the worst team In the league. Or something like okc, who traded pg and Westbrook for a tonne of draft pick and will be shit for atleast 5 more years. Or even better, we could do something like magic, where as we trade vucevic, Gordon, Aminu as what is the point of even staying competitive if you are not going to be winning the thing, right? The fact that the worst aspect of American sports is now being packaged as the most enticing part of it is a joke.
  10. Seriously? If the millions earning ceos actually penned that deal, then they should be fucking publicly lynched. Fucking cunts. Though honestly think that this tweet is pure bullshit
  11. Mate, I want to believe this. But let's look at the proof. Fans were not even aware of it. Hell, forget the fans, the manager, the backroom staff and even the players were not consulted. Were not even consulted!!!!!! We have gone beyond and way beyond it just being a mistake. This is a proper slap on every linked remotely to this football club. RA has shown himself to be an asshole, nothing else.
  12. Have been so disillusioned lately. The fact that my Identity, my hapiness, my scheduling all depended on Chelsea, its just such a shock that the club would take such a massive decision without even giving a heads up or consulting the fans in some way or form. Point is, these clubs (each one of them, no exception) is a business now more than anything. They could care less and give 2 ****s about the "legacy fans" or "old fans", all they care about is the money. You can be 100 years old and be supporting Chelsea for 97 of them, it matters **** to the club. They are simply another business and we
  13. The most outstanding guy. We should definitely blindly believe everything that he says. It's not like he has any ulterior motive
  14. Awww. Poor multi billion companies of city and Chelsea with endless pockets of their owners were "backed into a corner". Bullshit. If this is true, then the club and the board are a joke and even more worthless than I imagined. Who could not even do their basic research and just went ahead blindly trusting snakes and egotistical assholes like Perez and Woodward. Idiots.
  15. Dear god, PL was not formed with the objective of keeping the status quo of a few as such. It was not formed as an "exclusive for members" only club where your participation was guaranteed no matter your performance. It was a move solely based out of money, but still kept the ethos of competition as FAIR. Understand?
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