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  1. guys what's going on there? In italy journalists say sarri tomorrow sarri tomorrow sarri tomorrow from 10 days. Do you have some news? I mean from english journalists not reporting italian sources
  2. in next days chelsea could offer a rich contract renewal to sarri
  3. he already made this decision when he went to bayern. And yes im serious. It's a 3 years contract + 1 for 25m € a year and a top player forward (rumor says neymar). That's why i said that if u keep sarri u can fight for the title next year. Maybe not win because liverpool is amazing but fight for it yes
  4. of the three options that i said "guardiola-juventus" is the one that i'm sure 100% we know it here in turin, the deal is done
  5. that's what i said Sarri probably stay at chelsea Guardiola to Juventus Pochettino to city
  6. if you guys keep Sarri i think you can fight for the title next year. The second years of sarri are always better than the first one
  7. uefa will send city out of champions league this week
  8. Calm down guys afredopedullà knows nothing. I dont know if sarri stay at chelsea but he will not come to juventus 100%. Juve already has the coach: Guardiola. Announcement after champions league' final, pochettino goes to city
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