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  1. AS Monaco owner Dmitry Rybolovlev, the Russian oligarch who bought a Florida mansion from Trump for $95 million, and a New York condo for $88 million, has been arrested in Monaco on corruption charges. This is not good for Roman, they are going to keep going after him and other Russian oligarchs, especially as it is possible the Democrats today take back both houses of the US Congress and will go after Trump and all Russian power players with a vengeance These Russian oligarchs are now on Washington's watchlist https://money.cnn.com/2018/01/30/news/russian-oli
  2. Red Star Belgrade vs Liverpool HD Streams https://www.vipleague.cc/red-star-belgrade-vs-liverpool-fc-streaming-link-1 http://giggsyunited.blogspot.com/p/giggs.html https://www.easysport.tv/games/red-star-belgrade-vs-liverpool/ http://giggsyunited.blogspot.com/p/rooney.html http://giggsyunited.blogspot.com/p/scholes.html
  3. I want it to work, and tbh, none of any of our transfer wishes or youth playing is going to happen Its sink or swim with exactly what you see, exactly what we have I don't even think we bring in a striker this winter window Shitty is hopefully in HUGE trouble for cheating, not sure if it will affect them thsi season, but sure going forward, so if they get taken out, we have GREAT shot at winning the league next year I just want to make sure we get CL If we don't Hazard is gone for sure I also, to bring this back to Kante,want to NOT sell him IF Sarri looks like he
  4. playing the Jorginho role is what literally makes the entire thing work Kante could never handle it, his passing is not even remotely up to it I have posted this article multiple times, but it still is the gold standard Chelsea: Sarrismo has no place for a fully defensive N’Golo Kante https://theprideoflondon.com/2018/09/24/chelsea-sarrismo-ngolo-kante-midfield/
  5. You saying that over and over everywhere doesn't make it so.
  6. JOSE MOURINHO'S LAST STAND Deliberate isolation. Petty feuds. Constant turmoil. The Manchester United manager wouldn't have it any other way. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/25145480/jose-mourinho-last-stand snip
  7. The Manure debacle still is fresh in my mind, but sure, toss him into the possibles Pepe is another French winger who is on fire 12 league games, 8 goals, 7 assists for Lille (ie Hazard's old club) 23yo, looks the dog's bollocks, last 54 games for club and country, 25 goals, 18 assists Man City 'enquire about availability' of Ligue 1 star Nicolas Pepe The forward has caught the eye in Ligue 1 with a string of impressive displays but the Blues could face competition to land his signature. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/man-city-
  8. Totally a matter of opinion, but for once I will fall back to majority rules (including many many professional pundits, ex players, managers, and journos, many extremely more knowledgeable than me) who say he is not adapting all that well to his new role so no, I am not ignorant of football I find it problematic,in the very least, that to even talk about trying out a MF without Kante for even one game is taken as heresy here by some I don't do blind idol worship, sorry
  9. It is what he said, and especially what the poison dwarf said over and over in interviews right after Sarri and Jorginho came over saw it on Italian telly as well they may try and walk it back, but it was put out there, they said he runs a different system (true, to a point) where he needs a different type of DMF, and Napoli is not PSG/Shitty, with unlimited funds, they had to sell someone as they did some new buys (as usual very smart ones) in Alex Meret, Kévin Malcuit, Fabián Ruiz, and Simone Verdi for over £80m
  10. That's a fair point. We simply do not know for sure if he (Malcom) is or isnt the truly real deal. Maybe we just buy him outright, for the same £37m that Barca paid (seems a fair price) IF they go for it. I am kind of sure they want Willian so much they wont do business if he is not included, though. The only truly guaranteed upgrades at RW 'are Mbappe (only way this ever happens is with a new mega billionaire owner) Salah obviously will not happen Bale too expensive now for his age Bernardo Silva (like Sterling, will NEVER happen, unless Shitty get a massive ban
  11. Cesc would still be on the team in my scenario. No issues with him here for 2 more years.
  12. Amazing the hate people get for wanting our club to be the best in the world get from certain sections. They act like is is sacrilege to want upgrades for weaknesses. It is downright Liverpudlian. And NO it is not, NOT Football mangeresque to discuss players. NOT my fault we bought gilt-edge turds like Baka and Drinkwater.
  13. nightmare, Kante doesn't have the genius level footie preemptive offensive understanding Jorginho has
  14. why you gotta call me a fucking bloke? is bully boy sexist tactics meant to diminish me as a human being pro tip transfers are made in between windows if you think that they are only fair game for discussion when windows are open you are as clueless as Marina You wanna get real deal, lets fucking go Roman's billion's are from inside gangster deals where tens of billions of quid of Russian assets under the insanely corrupt Yeltsin regime were sold off for pennies on the pound BAN ME for telling the absolute goddamn truth if you think I am full of shits le
  15. The clan of camel herders and pearl fishers lived in mudbrick homes beneath palm fronds -- and one can assume that for several ensuing decades, the idea of sky blue-clad football players was just as foreign to them as desert heat was to the Mancunians. But 128 years later, in September 2008, England's "Capital of the North" and the Al Nahyans, who had become a multibillion-dollar oil dynasty in the ensuing years, found their way to each other. And the consequences have been dramatic.
  16. Transfer ban their fucking arses! 2 years. Europe ban for same length. Cheating cunts.
  17. 14 games, 1 goal, crazy drama with JA national team. Yep, his career at BayArena is looking sparkling. His output so far this season is making Willian look Salah 2017-18 like. Huge disappointment so far. Leverkusen would be in relegation battle if not for Kai Havertz. Still may be. I think their manager is shit, given the insane young talent that squad has.
  18. Malcom + £20-25m for Willian. Take that cash and buy Sandro Tonali. http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/16711-22-willian/?do=findComment&comment=1376945 2 birds one stone.
  19. Won everything there is to win? Remembering Brazil 1-7 Germany, a ghost that still haunts the Seleção today https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/international/brazil-germany-2014-rematch-2018-world-cup-tite-neymar-sane-a8276136.html
  20. Well, maybe not cheaper if you want a ready made big league plug n' play DH DMF. They are actually a very rare breed if one wants true quality. Sandro Tonali is potentially the best one, Sarri desperately wants him, he will only be around £25m or so, but he is only 18 and still playing in Serie B. Here are the already established ones who are of sufficient quality. The list isnt long. Sergio Busquets Barca (will never leave them and is already 30) Ruben Neves Wolves They are demanding £100m plus for him. Only Shitty would drop that much IMHO. Pep wants him badly. He is
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