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  1. We'll see. Our past performances haven't been that good. People going into the City game with the whole "Oh their defense is shit so we'll win easily" are in for a surprise I fear.
  2. Our fans chant judas to Mourinho but cheer for the likes of Costa and Hazard. And yes, I dislike them both. Didn't know that was restricted.
  3. People refuse to see that he has completely dropped Chelsea and Conte. Doesn't give a fuck anymore. If only he had the same mentality like for example Luiz. Cunt.
  4. Spurs showed more brass against Burnley. The opposition? Palace? They did good. Amazingly good. Massive credits to them and Sam Allardyce. They carved us open like a pig and defended like men. Our team was shambles but what frustrates me the most is that some of our pampered millionaires don't give a flying fuck about this result. Hazard the rat smiling after the game in an interview with Benteke and Costa messing up intentionally because of that row he had with Conte. He wants out, even publicly said so in an interview but people still chant his name like a bunch of 6 year old's.
  5. Win for City. We also still need to go to Old Trafford...Spurs will be in our necks within no time. Showed more brass against Burnley than we did to Palace AT home
  6. LOL. This is starting to become the next hype now. Al tough PSG and Barca already had this. Billboard FC's.
  7. Showed how shit their backline was against Arsenal. There for the taking. But not with that fucker Costa up front. Give it to Michy.
  8. People here come up with facts and there you have others with their "tinfoil hat" comments. It's like someone said before: you can't be in top form the first half of the season and suddenly lose your teeth the second season. And it all happened after Conte dropped him for the Leicester match. We all know what Costa is like, same goes for Hazard and Fabregas: if they get into a row with the manager they drop him like a brick and play like shit. The 15/16 season proved that with the whole them VS Mourinho fiasco. Diego has gone back to fighting with the opponents defenders,
  9. I think the same. Don't trust this fucker.
  10. I'm out. People like the fine people on talkchelsea makes my life as a Chelsea fan even worse. As embarrassing as our performance today. Reluctant to see the bigger picture. This against City and we go off as well and it's a civil war here.
  11. Just 2 more loses like this shambolic display and it's over
  12. People who still defend Costa; become a Fulham fan please and stay away.
  13. Shocking. Daily business for teams like Arsenal or Liverpool to bottle it like this but from us? Shocking. Bench Costa for the rest of the season and sell him ASAP.
  14. I'm calling it now: we'll bottle the League. Some of our players are already off like Costa and Matic. Not giving a fark. They already think they're champions.
  15. Chalobah and Michy for Matic and Costa. The latter can fuck off ASAP.
  16. Against Crystal fucking Palace [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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