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  1. Id rather see them roast each other!
  2. Id stick them in a cage. 2 men enter 1 man leave! Id have preferred to see them on Rogan so there was someone not scared to ask the hard questions and not blow smoke up their arses.
  3. Agree. I understand there has to be rotation but Shirley finding your best 11 players who gel together is very important. Then keeping those as fit and injury free as possible! That post I put in Franks post worries me. using 20 different defence combinations in 42 games.
  4. Time to start a new tradition then eh. Wouldn't suprise me if Mou started a back up team then brought in his 1st team. Full Tottenham squad Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris, Joe Hart, Paulo Gazzaniga Defenders: Matt Doherty, Sergio Reguilon, Toby Alderweireld, Davinson Sanchez, Juan Foyth, Serge Aurier, Ben Davies, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Danny Rose Midfielders: Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Harry Winks, Erik Lamela, Eric Dier, Moussa Sissoko, Giovani Lo Celso, Ryan Sessegnon, Tanguy Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes Forwards: Harry Kane, Steven Bergwijn, Lucas Moura, Jack Clarke
  5. Add $ signs to persons of color and its like an appetizer to racists. Its a sad world sometimes. Answer is to surround yourself with good ones. Not the best of times to bring up children. I understand all these peeps that go live secluded hunter gatherer lives.
  6. Look how many times FLs said he doesnt want 1 stromg CB partnership!!!! This is all well and good of you have 4 CBs of a standard to compete for top 2 places. And yes rotations necessary - but lets see how many games Mason plays this season
  7. We own Mou!!! Tottenham haven’t been selling any Jose Mourinho’s merchandise in their official club shop, almost a year into his tenure as the club’s manager https://theboyhotspur.com/shocking-revelation-is-made-about-jose-mourinhos-merchandise/
  8. Frank Lampard has used 20 DIFFERENT defensive lineups in 41 Premier League games at Chelsea... finding a reliable back four is his biggest task after latest calamity at West Brom https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8781033/Frank-Lampard-used-20-DIFFERENT-defensive-lineups-41-Premier-League-games-Chelsea.html
  9. Agree totally and he needs to learn from HIS mistakes, But it wont male those players any the better. And if we are serious about winning this league we need to be ruthless. Tho I do think that spirit and playing as a unit means everything.
  10. I wouldnt miss 5 of those and the others I would love to upgrade.
  11. If we had 2 WC CBs and 2 shit hot DMs we could afford to the the HBs go forward much more and we would have 4 strong defenders we could rely on.
  12. I thought Pulli was fit? Id start him on left with CHO on right and Reece behind him, Get the team at least looking like it should look after all fit.
  13. All class. Loved this. Here are some surprising things we’ve learned about the US president’s finances https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/28/hairstyling-donald-trump-taxes-numbers-us-president-finances $750 Federal tax Trump paid in 2016, when he won the presidency. $750 Federal tax Trump paid the following year. Zero Federal tax paid by Trump in 10 of the previous 15 years, including 2014 and 2015. $100,000 a year By comparison, the kind of figure regularly paid in federal taxes by Trump’s predecessors, Barack Obama and George W
  14. We should sell the whole pile of spent matches in a fire sale. Theres no chance of us receiving the prices we bought them for. And the lose value with each passing month. yet we renew their contracts and send them out on loan. Who is going to pay Drinkales £110k wages? 2 years left on his contract and currently valued at £4.2m Can we see that rising or him running his contract down? Just get rid of the lot.
  15. I normally only watch the Super Bowl but just watched the Cjiefs v Ravens. They really played well. Mahomes on fire.
  16. Dortmund aren't daft! New fitness coach AlicaSchmidt
  17. I'd shift them both and get Telles
  18. Yet he continued to play Rudi even in a 3 man back where even I know he doesnt fit there. It worries me how FL does seem to make these same mistakes even after continually saying WE must learn from them. Im all for giving him time as long as theres improvements.
  19. I wonder why JT was at the ground today? EDIT Seems he just stopped by for a picture in his daily run as they were at Fulham.
  20. Ive learned to never shit on your own doorstep! I only properly watched 2 games last season. Everton and Dippers. And I dont understand how we have gone from playing so smooth and so attacking to how we are now. The only real difference player wise (as our new lads are upgrades) is Billy G. He worked well with Barkley,Kova and Jorgi But then it all changed again and went tits up.
  21. Exclusive: Lampard fury as Alonso tries to watch second half on bus, not with team https://theathletic.com/2099233/ Frank Lampard Was 'Angriest Ever Seen' At One Player After West Brom Draw https://www.sportbible.com/football/foul-play-lampard-was-angriest-ever-seen-at-one-player-after-west-brom-draw-20200928 However, according to the Athletic, it was the left back who got a 'dressing down' not for his performance but for not returning to join the rest of the substitutes at half time. The outlet say that the Spaniard instead got showered and then tried to w
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