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  1. Zoro


    I hate players who would rather go down and get a penalty than go through and score. Oscar did make it up to us fans by a brilliant display. Just hope he keeps it out of his game. Heres hoping he doesnt spend too much time with Dani Alves this summer.
  2. Zoro

    Juan Mata

    We can get a lot more for him now then we would in the summer. Sell him and buy a striker I say.
  3. Oscar would have got MOTM had he not dived. Thats all the media will talk about now. Why do it Oscar, just why?? Hazard, Oscar and Willian Time to sell Mata I think, Jose obviously doesnt like using him as a no. 10 and he isnt happy either. Sell him buy striker.
  4. Oscar has forgiven himself for sure.
  5. This should be our starting 11!!!!
  6. But I can list 10's and 20's of foreign players who dive. You can only say 2.
  7. No I just want the Hazard FC guys like yourself to fuck off.
  8. Can you think of anymore? Thought so.
  9. Oscar you absolute moron. Sick of these diving foreign players.
  10. Dont get how our whole defence can play but Willian and Oscar need a rest. Mata is not a winger Jose, play him as a 10 or dont bother. Fucking hell.
  11. How is that ignorance? Why would we waste a contract on an old player who has never played in this league, not like we done that before.....oh wait ETO'O.
  12. A 34 year old that has never played outside of Italy.....yea perfect solution.
  13. Oscar, Willian and Hazard must play. They can be rested during the FA cup week. Also Id start Eto'o, after the goal against Liverpool he might have something more to give.
  14. Zoro


    I think Jose has finally chosen the 3 attacking players. Hazard, Oscar and Willian. They work really well together. Mata might be better technically then Willian but Willians work rate and pace make him the better choice.
  15. Zoro

    Eden Hazard

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4eYOA8U71s Hilarious interview. Hazard: I try to shoot live David Luiz
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