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Academy gives trial to FITC boys

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A number of young participants on Chelsea's anti-crime 'Kickz' initiative have been offered trials at the club after they impressed on the football-based initiative. Joseph Felix from the Westminster programme, Glen Kamara from Kensington and Chelsea and Troy Timothy from Hammersmith and Fulham impressed the coaches and Chelsea scouts with their footballing ability, their attitude and their hard work.

The Kickz project is helping to divert participants away from many of the social problems facing young people, often in some of the most deprived areas in the country. Chelsea now deliver six Kickz projects to over 1,200 young people three times a week in London as well as providing similar social inclusion initiatives in Surrey and Essex.

The projects use the power and appeal of football to build safer, stronger, more respectful communities through the development of young people's potential. They combine football coaching three nights a week in some of the country's most disadvantaged areas alongside a range of educational workshops and opportunities to gain qualifications and increase employability.

'The lads have given their all and their hard work has been rewarded,' said Kickz project manager Daniel GIll. 'They've worked really hard not only at their game but at turning their lives around and these trials will show them and everyone else on the programme that if you work hard and apply yourselves opportunities in life do exist.'

Source: Chelsea FC

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This is actually a pretty big deal. To be offering trials to boys from the Football in the Community schemes shows that not only is the scheme working to help young boys lives but given the right application and skill they could find themselves on trial at Chelsea's academy when they would never have got picked up before.

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One extra chance for youth to make it at football, if they have faild to get into academies earlier... Always welcome. Some decent players have been passed up by academy after academy in the past only to go onto play at a high level. smile.gif

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