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Cole Hails Grant Factor

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Cole hails Grant factor

Joe Cole admits he is loving life under Avram Grant having been installed as Chelsea's creative epicentre.

The England schemer thrived at Stamford Bridge under Jose Mourinho's tutelage but the Portuguese always insisted his more precocious gifts were made to work within a team framework.

Although he finally won over the 'Special One' with regards his own special talent, he often found himself alongside his coach on the bench.

Under Grant, though, he has thrived in starting nine of the 12 games since his appointment and his performances have in the large been sparkling.

And he credits this to the licence his Israeli tactician has given him to play an expansive game.

"A new manager has come in with new ideas, new coaches and a new way of playing and I'm really enjoying it," he told the Sunday Mirror.

"It takes time to adapt but I've tried to take on board everything he's said to me. He wants me to play in a different style and he wants the team to play a more expansive game of football.

"He wants to get more out of the wingers. There's a lot more to come from me. I still have to get into top gear this season, though. I'm just simmering."

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Cole's just kissing arse to get a game. :D

Seriously though, Cole does seem to be one of the happier players under the new regime, he's obviously taken to Grant and is enjoying the style of football he's being asked to play. Mourinho did a lot for Joe in terms of his discipline and attitude. As talented as he was, he was definitely prone to overplaying and came off looking like a selfish bugger most of the time. Jose was maybe a little hard on him publicly but Cole undoubtedly benefited from it, with his all round game improving. I just hope that with this new 'free role' he's being given, he doesn't forget what he learnt from Mourinho.

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