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Terry unhappy with Hammers abuse


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Chelsea skipper John Terry believes a section of West Ham fans went too far with abuse aimed towards himself and team-mate Frank Lampard at Upton Park.A number of Hammers fans taunted the pair during Saturday's game as West Ham were beaten 1-0 by Chelsea.

The duo celebrated Salomon Kalou's winner in front of the home fans and objects were thrown in their direction.

Asked if he felt the West Ham fans had crossed the line, Terry said: "I think they did, personally."

Terry's family, who are West Ham fans, stayed away from the match after learning through the internet the 28-year-old would be targeted.

Hammers supporters have not forgotten that Terry spent five years with their academy before joining Chelsea as a 14-year-old, while Lampard joined Chelsea from West Ham in 2001 for £11m.

"I can take it, Lamps can take. It's a little bit more than that but I'm not going to give them a chance to say I'm whinging," added Terry.

When you get that stick you just want to prove them wrong and shut them up. I think we did that John Terry "When we scored, I went running over to Lamps and gave them a bit back. There's nothing wrong with that."

Referee Mike Dean spoke with Terry to ensure he did not incite home supporters, but the England skipper feels that players should be allowed to express their emotions more openly.

"If they can give they can take it, and if I can take it I can give it. That's the way it's got to be," said Terry.

"They have to expect a bit back. When they do get a bit back they all get the hump a little bit. But that is football. I'll take it the rest of my career and I'll certainly give a bit back in my career."

Terry insisted the abuse he had to contend with on Saturday made Chelsea's victory all the more enjoyable.

"Walking home with three points and them walking home with nothing, you can't buy that and they can't buy that," he said.

"As a player coming here, knowing you are going to get stick, I swear me and Lamps are so fired up before the game and determined.

"When you get that stick you just want to prove them wrong and shut them up. I think we did that."

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I think the Hapless 'ammers think its rather novel to see just how low they can go. To give Lampard grief over the death of his mother, and obviously the wife of a Hammers legend just beggars belief. The thing is, they are probably very pleased with themselves over the media interest it will get. Surely Zola and/or Clarke, who clearly must have heard it,. should have come out and condemned it, but not a word. Very poor to be honest.

I've been at plenty West Ham v Chelsea games in years gone by and the venom has always been there to be fair, But I really cant recall our mob giving any of their players too much bunny in the past.

When Matthew Harding and Peter Osgood sadly passed away, It was Tottenham we played first each time after the death's. The Tottenham fans were absolutely fantastic each time, Despite the fact that there is a long and deep hatred for each other. I wonder how the West Ham fans would have behaved eh :shoot:

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The West Ham fans abuse of Lampard is the most bizarre hatred in football for me. They hate him for being a traitor yet he left because of the abuse he got of the West Ham fans while he was thre, this because they felt he was only played because of his dad. Frank then goes on to be the best midfielder in the world, and is branded a traitor and abused by the club he left because they treated him like s**t......

Sums up the mentality of the spammer fans if you ask me.

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