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Who Will Replace These Players?


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After being caught up in excitement about our 4-0 trashing of Pompey, I took time to reflect - and I noticed that Deco, Lamps, Ballack are all on the wrong side of 30. I was just thinking, who in the world will be capable of replacing all three of these in our midfield?

Deco-> Diego from Werder Bremen.

Ballack-> Michael Johnson from Man City.

Lamps-> Jonathan de Guzman from Feyenoord/Miralem Pjanic from Lyon.

+ I also forgot about Carvalho.

andylokz @ CFCnet


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He only just noticed their ages after the Pompey game? Has he been living in a cave?

Deco's only got a 2 year contract aint he? Ballack's got a year left and we'll have to see if the club extend that or not. As for Mr commitment, he'll probably have changed his mind and want selling to Inter next summer.

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From what I gather, Moutinho is regarded as the natural replacement for Deco. Assuming BPS will still be here in a season or two, it wouldnt surprise me if we bring him in during the next window or two.

IMO, Johnson only had a couple of good runs of form last season - It wouldnt surprise me if people forget who he is this time next year.

De Guzman is fantastic on FM, but havent seen him play - he may fall short of what the game promised, like with Saviola.

I havent heard of that bloke from Lyon.

With regards to the overall question of who should replace them - it is far too early (both in the season and in the players' contracts) to think of it now, imo. Right now they've been playing at an acceptable rate, but we need to re-assess it come January/end of the season.

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Well I think Lampard will make our first team for three seasons, cause he has great stamina.

If anything goes right, Deco could do well for 2 seasons at least. Same goes for Ballack if he won't have too much injuries.

What I think, we should start thinking on new central midfielders next season. In two seasons time it would be great to have 2 new midfielders, cause I'm not sure that it would work out well if we'd have Lampard and Deco, who are 32 in 2010 and Ballack who is 33 or even 34 as our first choices.

I'm dreaming of something like that in 2010:

Essien (27), Lampard (32), Moutinho (23), Mikel (23), Deco (32) + One more player under 30..

It would be well in balance IMO.

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Ederson, who has recently joined Lyon, is going to be the dog's bollocks. He is a player who reminds me very much of Juninho, and therefore a player of such quality would be a perfect replacement for Deco - but we still have three - maybe four - years before we need to consider this.

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