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Jonathan Tah


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We need CB - he is a CB. Only 20 years old but he is playing regulary for Leverkusen. To be fair I'm surprised that we are not linked with. We could probably get him for 25-30M (maybe even less than that) which is bargain for talent that he have. Zouma, Christensen and Tah would be amazing for next 10 years. With Koulibaly saga probably ending bad for us I hope that somehow we turn our interest on him. Played 29 games for Leverkunes this year, 7.19 rating which is great for young defender like him, this is even more impressive especially because he is playing in Bundesliga which is in top 3 leagues in the Europe and Leverkusen is also very very respectable team.



Unbelievable defender. He has all abilities to become one of the best defenders worldwide. His biggest strengths are his consistency, calmness and fairness. In his first complete season in the Bundesliga he played 3915 minutes in 44 matches until now (4 matches left). As a Bayer 04 Supporter I've seen nearly every match from Tah this season and we've only concided two goals, which resulted from his mistakes. Also he has a great physis and heading game (he won 68,7 % of his aerial duels in the Bundesliga). For his weight (98kg) and height (194 cm) he has a good agility, too. Sometimes Jonathan has problems, when he has to help out on the wings. He must learn, when it's time to attack the winger or when he better waits for help. His onliest weakness is the passing game - especially long balls. From time to time he gets better and better and some of his deep passes (through the lines) are really good so.


And for the end, just to quote this comment from his highlights video.

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