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Official club season review - reviewed!


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They say you shouldn't judge a book - or a DVD, in this case - by it's cover. But when a football club as big as Chelsea FC releases a "season review" with a dodgy cover, it is a bit embarrassing.

Look very closely at the picture of Petr Cech in the top-right-hand-corner. It might look like the top of his picture has been faded-out, but the reality is this cover is a Microsoft Paint job. Someone's cut off half of poor Petr's head, and, without any remorse, simply clicked the "fill" option and added a block of black paint in the hope no-one would notice.

A pretty laughable attempt that certainly points the way that this release is heading in.

"Bare-bones" - a word I've used to describe the last two major media releases from Chelsea Football Club.

Sadly, it is a word that will again be utilised in the description of the club's latest season review attempt.

My major gripes with the reviews from last season - Chelsea FC - Champions of Europe 2012 [DVD] and Chelsea FC - Double Champions! Season Review 2011/12 [DVD] - included the incredibly limited content, the poor visual quality, and the poor quality of the commentary (in terms of Chelsea TV's own Mickey-Mouse coverage as opposed to professional ITV/BBC/Sky Sports/ESPN commentary.

One of these aspects has been (partially) covered - the commentary of matches is now mixed; the majority of Premier League games sees official commentary lifted from official coverage of the matches, but most European games continue with Chelsea TV's coverage. It is a step in the right direction, at least - but the best thing here is that with a variety of commentators, listening to the same old voices rattle on all the while doesn't become such a repetitive chore.

My gripe about quality isn't such a massive one, but having watched live match coverage, plus Match of the Day and other highlights shows, all in HD for the last five years or so, isn't it about time these season reviews were recorded and delivered to the same standard? Live sport is probably the best exemplar in the difference between standard- and high-definition viewing. Again, sadly, we are left pondering as to which pixel the ball is! Okay, it isn't that bad, but the difference in clarity IS visible.

Finally comes my major concern. Yet again we've been "done" in terms of there being NO special features whatsoever. No post-season interviews or Goal of the Season reels. Not even a nod to Frank Lampard becoming the club's top goalscorer - you'd perhaps have thought that his 203 goals might have been put on as a half-hour-long bonus featurette? No chance. That cash-cow will inevitably be released when Frank eventually retires, or moves on.

So, once more, we are left with this "bare-bones" product. Yes, we want all the goals from all the games, but a bit of behind-the-scenes footage wouldn't hurt! What about those times when we've had full matches (such as the 2-1 win over Liverpool at the end of the 02/03 campaign, the famous Champions League win at Highbury in 2004, the 2007 FA Cup Final...) all in FULL as bonus features? The times we've seen behind-the-scenes footage from the training ground, and even pre- and post-match interviews? Well, there aren't many of those here at all.

Buy this if you HAVE to or, if you're like me, simply want to add it to your collection. But if you're looking for something that commemorates the wonderful achievements of an historic Europa League win (AND finishing in the Champions League spaces at the expense of Tottenham YET AGAIN), and then Frank Lampard's 203 goals, you're better off looking for better-quality highlights on YouTube.

This is not a "season review". Going by the Trades Descriptions Act of 1968, a "review" should include some actual reviewing, right? This is a grandiose goals reel.

Overall - 3/5 - the intermittent professional commentary just about salvages this DVD. It is a case of being a shade either side of cash-cow mediocrity - I'll leave it up to you whether it's closer to horse-sh*t or brilliance.

The truth is these reviews are getting worse and worse. A very underwhelming effort.

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Chelsea's approach to its social media on a whole is lacking imo. For example, the YouTube channel is close to horrible....poor audio quality, short videos, no "extra" content for a big club that's a bit unacceptable.

Hence it isn't shocking to hear that their DVD review is under par. I for one would not be purchasing it due to it sounding like it was put together by a 10 year old

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Ouch. That's a scathing review

edit: I don't mind Chelsea TV commentary if it's professional. Just don't want the mind-less screaming; we do that in our living-rooms

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My sentiments exactly! I've contacted the club on numerous occasions regarding the release on HD, but never get a reply. So if they are going to ignore me, I'll ignore there crappy season reviews.

Speaking of DVDs, I'd like to know why a Drogba tribute DVD haven't been released? FFS, he's easily the best striker we've had, would a DVD with all his goals be too much to ask?

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