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  1. This is surely smoke and mirrors? To sell a fan favorite to a league rival would be mind boggling.
  2. For all of the hand wringing and worrying, we are only two points back of Arsenal with everything to play for.
  3. Backing Torres and Ramires to score. Southampton will have a decent share of the ball and like to play high defense, leading to these two having a fair share of opportunities on the counter. Wanyama and the other bloke can leave a mark on you, we'll have to slip around them slickly and not get caught up in the riff raff. Please start Mata.
  4. Merih


    I bow down to Rami today, even his passing was perfect. Brilliant match!
  5. The way teams approach games versus West Brom, Everton is completely different from the way they approach games with Chelsea. Lukaku is enjoying a degree of freedom with these teams that he would not enjoy here save for the more open matches against the big teams. That being said he's making the most of his opportunities and deserves a spot at Chelsea come next season.
  6. Sounds like Willian will be getting another crack at things. Probably Willian-Mata-Oscar, no?
  7. The rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.
  8. Midfield absolutely bossed it in the second half. Draw away from home vs Spurs only tastes sour because we certainly could have won the match. Juan Mata is still our best creative player. Hazard is being marked out of matches by numbers, and Oscar at times struggles to make a real incision into the game. Mourinho still has a long way to go to find his optimum squad.
  9. If the suspension is upheld then the options will be Ba/Eto'o for Norwich... must mean Eto'o start and Nando on the bench for CL? Brilliant performance today. José has certainly lit a spark under him so far this season. What made his performance today was powerful, direct runs at opposition... which is suited to a more open/counter type of match. He still needs to work on his game to be this effective versus teams that sit deep.
  10. I'd rather live with that energy. We need it to come from somewhere as the rest of the squad can be very lethargic with the tempo.
  11. I don't think Torres will start. If Eto'o struggles however I think Mourinho will be much quicker to bring him on as a sub. He certainly helped his cause with his performance against Swindon but he also played the full 90.
  12. This is not a match suited for Lukaku's game... Ba or Torres for second half
  13. Not really. It adds to the excitement if u r @ the game. Oh definitely...but for me watching on tv I'm just interested in the match
  14. Welcome to my world of American overdone pregames
  15. He is perfect for the counter attack, he almost always beats the first man for pace and is intelligent enough to pick out the correct pass. People forget that it was his first season with us, typically players blossom in their second seasons with the club... and he's a young player at that! I'm glad Martinez couldn't lure him to Everton.
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