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  1. A bit annoying that it's only 1-0 but we've been excellent so far. hope we keep it up
  2. Just hope we take our chance to make it 2-0. This game has jammy villa goal written all over it
  3. Can't understand the meltdown here... 1-1 away from home against our main rivals for the title. Yes we could've won this but i'll take the draw.
  4. Good defending. Just need to be better on the counter
  5. Actually I'm more concerned about mike dean than city. Anyway, bring it on. :blue scalf:
  6. Every time we shifted out of 1st gear we caused them trouble. too bad we decided to do it for only 15 minutes. game could've been over by half time. bring on city
  7. Can't see us resting more than 2 players. This is a cl game against probably our main rivals for the first place in the group after all.
  8. Schalke just got trashed 4-1 by mönchengladbach. They have some serious injury problems even though draxler, meyer and huntelaar will probably start against us. Don't think matip will play on wednesday which makes their already bad defense even worse so we should definitely be able to cause them some trouble. Looking forward to the game ​
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