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  1. Would love to see him in a Chelsea shirt, hopefully we will bid for him. But I'm 99.9% sure Athletico won't let him go for an unreasonable amount, especially with Madrid buying players from here and there.
  2. Anelka's injured? Or can you tell the future?
  3. What for? To us we don't know what he has done or not done, to our knowledge he could have shown the middle finger to the offer, we haven't really got any input from Terry himself.
  4. found this interview about a year old, but it shows that is Man Ushited comes a knocking, he'll be a leaving Hope sky sports has it wrong
  5. He would get killed in the EPL. What a pussy.
  6. He was on top form last season, showing how good he could be this season. Defiantely shouldn't sell him.
  7. I think if will get rid of Shev and Pizarro, then there's no more competition for a place, he just has to keep up his good form. If drog or anelka gets injured, i hope we use Di Santo or Nouble as a replacement till they come back, also we could use them in FA cup games against smaller times, to give them first team experience, to help evolve them into a descent working first team member for a future spot. I actually do think that Di Santo and Nouble could form a pernership if given the chance in the future. They kind of formed one in the reserves and they liked quite good.
  8. I hope he doesn't leave he looks like a talented player, and like it says has potential to become one of the top in the league one day.
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