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  1. He definitely could've handled this better but if he wants to leave then we should've just let him go...no point in holding onto someone who clearly doesn't want to be here and Costa is not the type to settle
  2. When the window hits, buy some CBs. They don't need to be world class, good players with some room to grow will be fine enough. Can't keep doing this. At least it's still early but if they maintain play like this it'll be a debacle and not just a early lead.
  3. Oscar did well, always felt he would do better away from a #10 role. He's a jack of all trades and master of none so put him in a position where that works best. Still has a ways to go but its a good start for him.
  4. Clattenburg should've handled this a LONG time ago
  5. This is the best Spurs squad I've ever seen. Worst Chelsea squad I've ever seen. Dualities.
  6. Terrible defending, great offense from Tottenham
  7. There you go Pato I'm enjoying watching the B-Team play
  8. Pedro isn't used to the lack of space on the pitch. He came from a wide open flowing Barcelona system, in a league with a lot of tempo and width
  9. Gonna have to depend on things like juju and psychological shit LOL We been dominating this match up for some time, I'm sure that hangs in Wenger's head, Mou or no Mou. Hiddink picked an ugly line-up for lack of a better term. So make the game ugly, intentional or not and I think we can slow them down.
  10. Probably because we've played even shittier than this LOL so I can tolerate what I'm seeing now. Sad isn't it.
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