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  1. We seem to be at our best once we've gone behind.
  2. I'm thinking(Hopefully) that Arnesen or whoever tracked him, but Ancelotti had the Final Say.
  3. Part Slovenian I think so doesn't need one. Will most likely go into the Reserves, then in January get a few games with Mikel and Essien off at ACN, with hopefully if he's any good get some more games next season, when we hopefully shift out Deco and Ballack. Post on another forum that I've seen about him. He's quite a good player, seen him play a few times and I must say he's unpredictable. Half the time when he gets the ball he stops, looks around and passes but sometimes he just runs straight into it and starts running at the defence. He's a very tidy short range passer but his long range p
  4. I wouldn't want Rijkaard, just look at him at Barsa, once Ten Caate went he was absolutely lost and the team didn't have any clue on what to do that season. I'm sitll just holding out hope it'll be a temporary one season deal for someone so Hiddink can come back the season after.
  5. He seemed to stagnate really when he had all that trouble with the Israeli Army, I think if he didn't have that he may have progressed more.
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