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  1. We already paid the 3 months of "Direito de imagem", you can see it here: http://espn.uol.com.br/noticia/550260_corinthians-enfim-paga-direitos-de-imagem-atrasados-a-jogadores We still didn't paid the prize, thats true, but is going to happen soon. With the leave of Vagner Love, Renato, Jadson, Gil and Ralf, we have a less amount of money to pay per month, of course we doesn't want to pay 800.000 for the player that Pato has showed to be, but we alread lived with that kind of charge. Absurd for Brazil, no one here can pay that easily. I dont even watch GLobo or Neto's program, i keep
  2. Hi Henrique, i remember you, you are a supporter of Palmeiras, our great rivals, right? I know that you post like that, agressive... I ain't falling in your troll anyways... That is a Chelsea forum, who cares? My club gets to win championships every year, this one may be hard, but next one we are good to go.
  3. For what he played in Brazil, i have no idea, he can either own it or even be the flop of the year. just lol
  4. Oh yeah, 1,5 million dollar is like 6 million brazilian coin. Still think that pretty much a lot of money. Thats how the brazilian economy is right now... 1 dollar was 2 brazilians sometime ago...And now this. Imagine you trying to hold your best players with things like this. Thats why brazilian footbal has fallen like this, if we had all brazilians that go to other countrys here, we would still be big. things just seens to get worse every day, Neymar is like the last of the mohicans
  5. One thing more to say, he doesn't seen like a player that wants glory in his actions, but he was the only one here that refused a proposal from China (6 million per month as salary and he wold get 15% of the money that they would pay Corinthians to break-contract). That says a lot, after everything that he went trought, he still wants to have sucess in Football.
  6. Well, i am a supporter of Corinthians. I disagree of Rmpr, we do have the money to pay Pato's salary every month (even more now that we sold half of the champion team to China, 5 players, FIVE, 2 fucking players from the National Team going after money instead of football), but we are crazy to sell. That guy isn't injury prone anymore, we fixed him... Like we did with Renato Augusto (on Bayern Leverkusen, he wold get hurt every time). Dmytro Chygrynskiy even came to Brazil to treat himself in our club... He said that he didn't had any problems after passing here. Anyway, the problem with
  7. He's awesome... He came from my team in Brazil... Damn i miss him! But now he is too "big", kinda weird for me... It seens he's slower now than in his matches for Corinthians. I prefer the time in which he were faster and agressive like Marquinhos, Varane and David than Big and strong like he is now... Well, for those who can be both, better of course xD
  8. Everyone here asked for him... EVERYONE. Big Phil is just too stubborn... That argument that a lot of People in Europe use is just wrong... Diego Alves, Filipe Luis, Miranda, Diego and Diego Costa were all ignored for the World Cup.
  9. Most of the brazilians doesn't know him... For those who do, he's someone that had the same situation as David Luiz, Hulk, Fernandinho, Diego Costa and Filipe Luis: A player that didn't made big at his early days in Brazil and ended evolving and showing his best qualities in Europe.For what i remember, he was a good solid player, but nothing "showy". Now i think we see him as a really skillfull good player with a good margin to growth... A player for the future, for the NT.
  10. If even Coutinho, Filipe Luis and Miranda, that every press in Brazil wanted in the World Cup were ignored, imagine Firmino? Big Phil is really stubborn. He should at least have been tested.
  11. Jcar92


    Lol, can't believe it... You guys are overreacting! So, even if he said it, so what? A player can't have preferences? Or the problem is that he talked? Today people give much more importance to things other than football... Everything has to be too perfect, all beautiful. He didn't say that wants to leave... Or that Mourinho is wrong.
  12. Dear God... You guys don't know how good he is... Ok he is in bad shape right now... But this is because of the style of football of Tottenham! Just take a look at Coutinho... After he moved from Inter to Liverpool, he turned out to be another Player! And i believe its the same for him! I am a supporter of Corinthians, so i watched him for 3 years and i say for sure that he is good! Look his matches for Brazil(confederations cup) and Corinthians(libertadores - South american Ucl)... He is another player. And its his first year at England, coming directly from Brazil... He is the kind that show
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