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  1. Didn't see Cahills goal. Well, came to late anyways..
  2. Willian has been pretty good the last 10 minutes. Dont blame the man, he has had a tough time and needs to get back into the team. Our best player by far last season, ofc we can count on him.
  3. We should sell all of our players beside Willian and Costa this summer and buy a new team for the money that it would bring in. These players are a joke these days...
  4. Fuck it, I've been very angry with Chelsea lately (obviously) but Chelsea is like a child to me. I can get angry and will be angry again in the future but I can't be angry when the boys are trying their hardest in a bad period. They worked their asses off today and that's all I can ask for. I was proud of them today, that's it.
  5. Those players shouldn't wear a Chelsea shirt. What a joke
  6. Lets see if Hiddink can get them motivated. Come on Chels!
  7. Yes, all i want is some wins now - finally we got one!
  8. Omg. I cant believe it. And I'm going to London next weekend to watch us against Liverpool. Will be another nightmare
  9. To go out now would be worse than loosing in regular time. I cant take this...
  10. Come on, we fucking need a win now. Please please please, I dont care if it's a shitty tournament, every win is like a blessing atm, come on Chels!
  11. Yeah, I never thought this would happen after last season, but Mou is done here.
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