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  1. I was hoping somewhere it would say 0 minutes played..
  2. And what worries me is that Cesc's form tails off in the second half of the season.. I shudder to think what it would be like then..
  3. I wonder what Jose told Kenedy for him to look such a changed player after the international break.. "Listen kid, forget whatever they taught you in Brazil.. Attacking is what our opponents do, got it?"
  4. Kenedy looked so full of promise against CP, looked useless today, clearly Jose has paid special attention to him during the international break..
  5. Willian is only there to ensure scoreline does not change..
  6. Only positive thing is Utd-Pool will be a lot duller than this..
  7. So which teams do we have a realistic chance of winning against? I am trying to make a points estimate..Norwich, possibly Bournemouth..who else?
  8. Kudos to whoever is singing we are staying up..
  9. Jose wants to make sure we have lost the title before he replaces Ivanovic..
  10. Tearing us apart..we look like a championship team, rather than champions..
  11. They have sung it more times in the past than us tbh..
  12. What?You have?Personally?Where?What line of work are you in?Interesting..
  13. Gentleman's wager..will Palace finish above us?
  14. Kennedy is trying to make the most of his chance..wish it came under better circumstances..looks like a real talent..
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