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  1. Emerson has been average as opposed to Alonso being truly awful. Last night he wasn’t an issue, poor crossing but good energy levels and still found RLC, Higuain multiple times in the box. We attacked many times down our left with him. 6/10 performance. I think there’s a lot of negative hyperbole with him, I concede he’s not the answer as starting LB going forward but, for instance I think in his recent run in the team he’s done better than Azpilicueta.
  2. https://twitter.com/fikayotomori_/status/1117133429877944321?s=21 Tomori wins Derby supporters’ player of the season
  3. Sounds great, lucky you. Forgive me for being nosy but any particularly interesting anecdotes or points from him?
  4. @RobchelsTonight’s game from Alonso was a perfect example that reflects both our points of view discussed on the Emerson thread haha
  5. This would work if Alonso was good at football, eg. Good at crossing, passing, ball control, dribbling aka yes the classic things that a LB should be good at. Giving Alonso freedom may work better in 3 at the back but not with 4, he’s been at other teams of Leicester standard and been completely average as he is now. Sarri tried exactly what you’re saying this at the start of the season, probably under the impression/myth that Alonso is good attacking full back, similar what what he did at Napoli. Alonso had full freedom to attack and goalhang, Azpi became basically 3rd CB and if
  6. Emerson since joining Chelsea has a goal or assist every 525 minutes. Alonso in same time has one every 487 minutes so it clearly is on par. Some things such as Alonso being taller and a better threat from corners as opposed to Emerson who stays back at halfway line and Alonso’s fees kicks are things that have little - no baring on how good they are as a LB. Alonso probably has more ‘contributions’ than Cole did and yet it’s clear that Cole is better, comparing LBs purely on contributions and not on how well they play at LB seems a little short sighted. I appreciate there are dif
  7. He has had good games against both City and Tottenham. Alonso even against weak opposition tends to still be poor.
  8. RB Leipzig good for young players but he’d still have his work cut out to force his way into their XI. Most suited to the attacking midfield two of their 4-2-2-2.
  9. I very much used to feel like that. Added to this he has some very good options for PL loan. West Ham, Brighton, Palace (if AWB goes) he probably goes almost straight into first XI. However Sarri has started to improve his rotation slowly but surely with the more talented back ups, Emerson, CHO, RLC good examples and so maybe James does have a decent chance of making 20-30 apps. Im still very much wary of us bringing him back to make no league appearances and only start early rounds of cup matches but less wary than I was during Winter time.
  10. I also thought he was bit more aggressive in defence last night which was good. He was better than Azpi in one on ones and pressing them into mistakes. He is also good at playing it out. More than one move yday started out with him doing quite smart interplay in our own third. i do like him and maintain he has potential, however I do sometimes wanna shove a rocket up his arse, yesterday he was pretty good but I think he could be better..sometimes his movement is odd, still overall of course an improvement on Alonso and I think he should start for remainder of season. I also think a
  11. Is this the official team of the season or just a BBC one?
  12. Longer James highlights video
  13. Yeah he did play ok last night, he did well defensively but poor offensively although a couple of decent long balls to Hazard and Pedro respectively. The power of competition eh. I do wonder now whether Sarri will keep rotating (that would be very un-Sarri like actually though he does do that in wing positions and Kova position) or does he think Alonso is now played back in form as his first XI LB and keep him in side?
  14. Two of those assists were him getting fouled in the box
  15. And other fans try and convince themselves the only thing he has over Alonso is pace.
  16. Yeah that ‘he still thinks’ was still actually quite worrying, does he think Alonso is just out of form and Emerson is the short term stop gap?
  17. Another fine performance from him. His best defensive performance yet. This man still has room to grow, he has potential, and is already an improvement on Alonso. Not sure why he’s getting written off by some.
  18. I think after a strong, 30 game + season in a top flight league James will be at the point where he HAS to be brought through, if that makes sense, the club/manager will have little-no excuse not to play him. It shouldn’t be like that but it would guarantee him game time and a fair chance
  19. Wann Bisakka is good but don’t want him while we have James
  20. If Wann Bissaka goes I’d be for this..I am still not confident of any youngster coming in under Sarri and being used correctly.
  21. Has really turned it around since start of season it appears. 5 assists in 20 or so league appearances
  22. Too funny not to post here
  23. This, he has always been overrated until this season i’d say, in general. I’ve said before, nothing has changed. He’s always been slow, a poor crosser, iffy defensively, poor on the ball. The most extreme example of how goals can cover up the cracks in a player, in his case also helped that some of those goals were high profile. I’ve said before that in terms of his actual 90 minutes performance I have very rarely-never actually been impressed with him or would rate him above a 6. He has had 5 shots hit the post this season and you have to wonder that if 2 or 3 of them (or God forb
  24. He appears to have once again fought his way into the starting XI at a club he was originally on bench for. Can’t underestimate that..
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