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  1. Enjoying life at Inter. I am rooting for him and Conte this season.
  2. I disagree he is/was more naturally talented than Tammy. Similar records at youth level, but I was usually underwhelmed by Solanke at youth level. Tended to not be involved in play but pop up with a penalty or a short range goal. Tammy since the moment he made is U21s debut showed his characteristic work rate and tenacity, and played out wide plus through the middle - testament to his all round game.
  3. https://twitter.com/premiersportstv/status/1185892207980634112?s=21 Boga doing Boga things vs Conte
  4. Reason I said that is the official Chelsea twitter account after the game made a tweet insinuating it had been decided that James officially has two assists: But since then different statistical sources all say different things. One for the ‘dubious assists panel’? Yeah with the RJ for captain thing, to be clear I’m not saying he should get it now of course. But if he has a good season, aka ends this season as the undisputed first XI RB, he would really be someone I heavily consider for reasons I said in first post. I really hope it doesn’t come across too much like I just saw
  5. I’m trying to be conscious of not putting too much expectation on this guy but at the same time I can’t help but be excited by him. He can pass, cross, shoot, he’s strong, he can defend, he can beat a man, the strength and aggression, the mentality.. in fact, if this season goes well for him, I would want him to be captain. May seem crazy but the way I see it, he is (in my opinion) already one of our more talented and complete players, he has extensive previous leadership history (captaining youth sides and even Wigan) and it would kind of symbolise Frank and Jodie’s new era of the academy. Fe
  6. I agree I was harsh on those chances he made in their description. They were v good chances he made. I still standby my overall point that, in essence, it was just an average game at best. For reference (to show it’s not just Alonso I’m singling out but also because he had a similar game yet no one would describe his game as good). Azpilicueta also made two (even three, can’t remember) good chances and scored a marginally offside goal. Still for the amount of times both full backs had the ball, in space, it wasn’t good enough. I think we’re roughly on the same page though. I also
  7. He created two decent chances at the end, as did Azpilicueta over the course of a match. It wasn’t really a good performance, barely average really. Lost his man for second goal + lost an easy bouncing ball in run up to free kick for second goal, did little defensively with Tomori covering him, needless yellow. Not really much to gas about..for the amount of times he and Azpi had the ball in space they should be doing much better.
  8. I’ve always been a fan of Tammy and thought he could do a job for any top team as a squad player - but watching him I think he has some potential to be a starting striker for a top 6 team..I am not sure if he’ll reach that potential but it is worth starting him this season to further gauge him. Either way we should probably buy a new striker next summer, but the type of striker we bring in could depend on how Tammy does. I’ve always rated his ability to get goals in any way possible (Bats has a bit of this as well, opportunistic, poacher like qualities), how hard working and tenaci
  9. It is early times but yes it was such a random loan. Logically, why would they play him. They have great depth in DM and CB. It feels like, sometimes, both English teams and fans think they can send any young player, no matter how inexperienced, to a Bundesliga club that isn’t Munich/Dortmund and they’ll be automatically due for a great loan (Oxford, Smith Rowe). A bit of arrogance and naivety about it. Mount, Abraham built up from low levels to get to first team now, I am not sure why they gave this aggressive loan to Ampadu when he just needs to play. A Championship loan would be
  10. He created a good number of chances, Christensen’s was one of the best of the match.
  11. Although he is 25 it is quite unusual that he has only made 127 appearances at club level, all competitions - only 79 league appearances!
  12. I made a comment midway through second half of last season that Emerson would be so much better if he developed a bit of confidence, aggression and proactiveness to his game - and how Andy Robertson does that really well. Tbh I thought it would come soon enough with being more comfortable as he got more games under Sarri but it never did..under Lampard now it seems to have come and he looks so improved. In attack and defence. In fact perhaps his defence is the most impressive improvement. Only two games but looking good. I also agree that in last two games he has been good everywhe
  13. I have heard Nuno Tavares at Benfica is one to watch.
  14. Not really sure about this. Going to the Championship I think would’ve been a better bet. He needs to just play at this point in his career - in fact I think he should’ve gone on loan even if just for 6 months last January to get him the ‘kickstart’ he needs appearance wise in senior football. I just do not see how he can ever get significant gametime in midfield or CB with the competition RB Leipzig have there. Why would a CL level club play him over their talent? And if fans/the club think he is good enough as he’s that good a talent..well he should have stayed here if that was the case. I
  15. ja1

    Ola Aina

    Considering we’ve invested in Zappacosta, Emerson and Marcos Alonso in last four years from Serie A it’s hardly unrealistic the club would go after Aina.
  16. Interestingly only linked with Moses but not Alonso. After his first season there were of course those heavy links with Sandro but not really any strong links for first choice RWBs.
  17. He’d definitely work in Liverpool’s system, and he’d probably be used at RB for City as well, though in aware Pep originally used him in midfield. At Barce he would definitely start at RB over what they have. He still has a good record for Germany and mainly has played RB for them more than anywhere else.
  18. He is listed as 5”11 which is probs accurate..that pic looks like he could be 5”10 but can’t see what their feet are going and Luiz’s hair can exaggerate things.
  19. I don’t think James is slow at all but not lightning quick, similar to TAA although James seems better at carrying the ball.
  20. Costa didn’t, unless at his very best where he did make a few goals through beating players on front foot. But there’s a reason why literally all of his goals for Atletico and Chelsea came inside the box.
  21. His development has been nice to watch, he has a lot of good qualities in his locker. He is quite two footed and comfortable playing ball out, extremely quick and hard to beat one on one. He reminds me of Joe Gomez in style. To me he seems a little mistake prone, or at least earlier in the season he was, particularly with aerial balls. A common phrase but if he irons them out, I’m sure he could be a Chelsea player one day - though most likely as a squad player. Next step would be top 5 league loan, maybe in the Premier League but I wouldn’t mind him going to Germany, maybe even on
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