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  1. If we win this comfortable and control the game. I'm confident we will win the league umder Frank. Bielsa is the best tactical manager ever
  2. That's fine if they give us rice
  3. It would make my year if we pinched partey now
  4. Gut feeling says. Hudson odoi will leave last minute and we will snap this guy up. I hope not personally.
  5. Isn't domestic transfers until mid October?
  6. Rudiger to West ham permanent and RLC on loan... Rice this way. I'll take that
  7. Arteta's arsenal looks great? Remember our games against them?
  8. He is 100% reliable. I can say personally
  9. This is so gonna happen after jorginho leaves
  10. I dont think odoi will get any minutes with a fully fit squad... He's going I think...
  11. I can see Hudson odoi being swapped for ghendouzi of arsenal
  12. Is he leaving? Haven't seen one single rumour
  13. This isn't true. There hasn't been any bid yet.
  14. Porto forward Fabio Silva set to be announced as a Wolves player later today. Massive club record fee of around £35m for the 18-year-old #WWFC
  15. As if I saw him in Sainsbury's earlier shopping with his mom. What a top lad
  16. Thiago Silva now’s ready to start a new chapter, confirmed. He’ll give his final answer on next week - Chelsea confident to sign him as free agent and convinced he’s going to accept. Chilwell is coming after last details, Thiago really close too. #CFC #Chelsea #PSG #transfers
  17. Chelsea are still waiting to see if a late striker option comes up. The likelihood is it will not, but they haven't downed tools for the weekend just yet.
  18. Just watched the presser. He dodge the cavani question like the plague. Holding on to tiny hope I think
  19. Olivier Giroud is going to stay at Chelsea. No way. #CFC #Chelsea #transfers
  20. Wouldn't mind king from Bournemouth for ourselves. Woukd being more than Batshuayi I believe
  21. Just read Inter are back in for Giroud... We must have someone coming in, I fully believe the mertens story is one to push along negotiations with another club. Something tells me richarlison, as Everton seemed to release a bit of fake news too.
  22. I'm starting to worry now. Not a sign of anyone coming in... On another note I'd love richarlison here!
  23. Hope so, then says I want to go to Chelsea lol
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