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  1. Thanks Robert Martinez for your understanding. Anyway, we will playing at home and should be on course for a 11th straight home wins. If we're able to beat Stoke on the cold night in Britannia, no reason why we can't beat anyone else at Stamford Bridge.
  2. he's on longest scoring drought in his entire football career. why should he be happy now by declaring that he's unsure about his future and not rejecting the possibility of transfer to PSG, this statement already proved that this lad won't be retire in Chelsea. well.. even frank and JT wont reach that stature.
  3. ymalleb


    Oscar is in Malaysia now to as an ambassador for energy drink product here. so he didn't join the rest of the team in Thailand i presume.
  4. On the contrary, I think his speech for this ocassion is cunning and spot on. he hardly criticize other rivals troughout the campaign. To finally spout it out in humor during the celebration night in front of mostly Chelsea ardent, brilliant. For the record, he don't talk about other clubs directly. He just pointed out why the lads should've given more respect for what they have achieved.
  5. some of arse fans yelling on the stats of how their DMF, i'm not sure how to spells his name Coqolain? apparently did better than Matic. I can't wait to see how Matic going to keep him in his pocket this could be easily 2 nil for us.
  6. why would ppl take 1 pt before the match start? fcuk that, we have every right to go there and play like we did at Everton. it was a poor performance from the players and the manager. ramires on the right, mikel & drogba in. we're against 10 mens and leading for god sake.
  7. early goal would be super crucial. comes 70th mins, if they still manage to hold us then I'm afraid those without strong heart has to switch off their TV for pre cautious
  8. I picked this quote from an online forum, posted by a pathetic ARSE fans here in my country. what a bunch of delusional people.
  9. the hell, i don't want us lose at all for the rest of the season. Let's repeat 2004/05!
  10. Oscar was pretty decent mate in last couple of game he played. I'm sure Eto'o will starting in this one cause i think Torres will get isolated easily against Spuds defenders plus now they had Paulinho to cut every penetration passes from our midfield. How I wish Mourinho will give us Mazacar in this one. Since remember how Mata humiliating Kyle Wanker last time around.
  11. I would stick with the same lineup used against Fulham except Torres replacing Eto'o. If Rami could not be available, then we have no choice but to go with Lamps. Mata could start if he play no. 10 but knowing Mourinho, and the fact that Oscar hitting top notch only means the Spaniard will be left out again because he really mediocre on the flank.
  12. When did he said he was bought to replace Lamps? No one can replace the nature of Lamps in this world. You've been unfair to Oscar. That lad is only 22, to go up against United experience defenders in the likes of Vidic, Ferdinand and Carrick did you expecting him to do a Messi? and speaking of uniform, did u watch him bullying Spain's midfield in the Confed Final in Brazil uniform?
  13. we played badly after having extra game in midweek (a tough game as well), yet United couldn't muster a victory. At their home turf 'effin old trafford. with Van Persie playing. and here, people complaining. it's 1 point earned for god sake.
  14. Knowing Mourinho, I would be surprise if Lamps not starting this one. Big game, you need big player with experience & mental strength ala Drogba. Lukaku/ Ba may start ahead of Torres due to their physical advantage. The rest probably the typical Mourinho line up, Ramires has been good so no reason to leave him out. Eden could bring extra spark on the flank, Oscar will bring energy & creativity. Now it's ether KDB or Mata, Would love to see KDB in this one instead of Mata because the latter are lacking of defensive. I still recall his error for not pressing Nani that lead us to concede
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