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  1. Odd descision by Tuchel to bench Jorginho considering he and Kovacic have worked really well together.
  2. I understand your frustration with Pulisic as he is a very good player. He’s not competing with Kovacic and Jorginho for a starting spot though. Unfortunately injuries have been the main culprit for Pulisic this season. I don’t think Tuchel has anything against Pulisic he just needs time to get back to the form he was in last season. Look at Kante for example. Great midfielder but has not been the same player the last 2 seasons. On current form Kante does not deserve to start.
  3. Back to his best form like last season. Unfortunately can’t shoot for shit. If he could he would be right there with the best midfielders in the world. Still a very good player.
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