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  1. Part of me thinks surely the club is prepared for this shit storm. SURELY they must think they can avoid being kicked out of the domestic league and this year's CL? If they are prepared to accept shitstorm (kicked out of CL this season, severely punished by PL/kicked out of PL) just because of the dollar signs in their eyes then they are cunts
  2. I feel sorry for the managers and players most of whom will be able to see through this shit. I especially feel sorry for the fans
  3. Hes building well on Conte and Sarri. Using Conte's defensive structure as a foundation but the midfield possession is something that started with Sarri (Conte never had the players like Jorginho and Kovacic and in all honesty I don't think Conte has the perspective to coach a possession based team like Tuchel and Sarri). The exciting thing is that TT hasn't had any breathing room between matches to really stamp his coaching in training. I really like his perspective of football. Going up the next step will be more efficient and expansive attack which is slowly but surely booming.
  4. It's a semi final fuck werners feelings get him off before gundogan and Foden and silva come on and change the game
  5. I'd play alonso for goal threat as we know CHO ain't gonna start. I'd also play pulisic havertz/werner and ziyech for the counters we're gonna rely on
  6. Hes a rb not a rwb. He can be a good rb (and has put in great performances in that position). I too would live to see him in midfield whilst kova is injured
  7. Real Madrid have the best defence out of all the teams in the quarter finals
  8. Pulisic and havertz haven't accumulated enough minutes to worry about starting them vs City. They should be fine bar Christians glass legs
  9. Hes not even on the bench. I heard he was injured earlier today
  10. Need kante vs Palace. Almost hoping this is a back 4
  11. I told my brother I wouldn't mind that second half. Silva will find James more often too
  12. If pulisic is rwb it'll be such a shame.
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