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  1. Or some of the typical Chelsea rentboys who have never been to Bridge as some of you pathetic lot.
  2. Hahahaha Who's available after this guy? Koulibaly, Romagnoli are off. If Napoli sign this lad, I can see another Papy coming in.
  3. Oh he has a point. But we have a right to be concerned. What I'm on about? You want some or what?
  4. He has been like this the whole window. Deluded as hell en poking fun at others who know better than him.
  5. Absolutely. I'll always support Chelsea but I do not support our board. Not after what happened last season. Hence why I did not renew. We deserve better as fans.
  6. 6 days left people. 6 days left and still no new left-back or centre back. Club had whole summer, excuse me, a whole year to sort it out but no. Even though they still sign someone now, good but late. Player needs time to adapt to Conte's playing style and shit. I'm very impressed by some of you for staying so calm like that. I'm still very calm. It's not that a cry whole day because our transferwindow has been a laughing stock. It's just that I'm critical against the club because they're not doing much to improve and make us a top 4 worthy team again. 2 months ago, I was laughing at
  7. I've been saying this aswell. Only 6 days left and there is still no new defender, left-back whatever we need to strengthen the defence line. It's a disgrace. We all know we need fresh blood on almost all positions, mostly our defence. The club had a whole year to sort it out.That a club like Chelsea still haven't sorted this out is is an utter disgrace and embarrassing. My deepest respect for people who don't mind about this. They might've forgotten that we ended 10th last season.
  8. Your last sentence is the only thing I read. Don't take that wrong please. You are absolutely right. I have been ranting about this in the Koulibaly thread, the board unable to give Conte the targets he needs. The one thing I said was that the board might be his undoing NOT the players. Watched 2 last games and, sorry, still don't see why Oscar hasn't been sold yet. Creates absolutely nothing. If he did improve much, people wouldn't be crying for James on here.
  9. Yep. Juan never got a proper replacement. I don't know what's up with people suddenly saying Oscar has improved under Conte, he's still shit in my opinion and needs to be offloaded asap. Serie A would be good for him. Really don't know about this one. Would be great to have him next to Eden.
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