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  1. lol a lot of bullshit.. zero physical impact? how many games of Verratti have you seen? He is very good in defense, has the best sliding tackle that I have ever seen. I don't know how many players can do this against Hazard or Messi There are not playmakers so good in defense as Verratti and not many CM's. Obviously, you make yourself be fooled by its height. In arial duels he is not a specialist, but neither is a total crap. No pace really? are you serious or a troll? How you call this? 2:39 He has been able to reach Messi acceleration and to tac
  2. not worth more than 15 millions euro. Amavi is as good as him, if not better, and was paid 11 milions of euro.
  3. as a Psg Fan i don't agree, Chelsea is clearly top 5 teams in the world, sure a more solid team than Real and Barca. Hazard is a fantastic player, and was a constant danger, but I think Mourinho, very limited him.
  4. I don't think Psg are better, the two teams are in the same level maybe Chelsea have something extra, but it is clear that PSG had more heart, and play a better football for me. Mourinho has many responsibilities of this defeat.
  5. Psg has 0 chance without Moura. Was the most important player of PSG this season and also yesterday with one of its acceleration has closed the game. Is not a player who scores a lot: 9 goals which is not bad, compared to Gotze, Isco, James and others young players or others flying wingers(Di Maria, Cuadrado, Navas, william), but it's the player who creates almost everything on that team.
  6. He won the Argentine league almost alone at 17. Banfield was never a prestigious team in argentina, they have won the only trophy in 2009 with Rodriguez. James was great with porto and with Monaco this year. This guy is the smartest young player in the world, with a incredible vision and decision making process, he tends to make better decisions on the ball most of the time and knows and appreciates when to play a simple pass and when to be a bit more creative, something that Neymar, Gotze, hazard and others young players, not have. Hazard is more spectacular than useful, a great flop in big g
  7. the facts are others Lucas goals 3 assists 10 total successful dribbles 87 turnovers 52 Willan goals 2 assist 3 total successful dribbles 44 turnovers 38
  8. lol Denilson really shit. the master of Ronaldhino is this guy
  9. where are the dribbling of Denilson in this video?? Denilson was absolutely nothing
  10. Scolari won only one world cup only thanks to Ronaldo and Rivaldo, he is an average coach and nothing more, he was total failure in any top club. a Coach that loses a European against Greece, does not deserve much consideration for me. Lucas is better than Willan, is a fact.
  11. denislon can't dribbler nothing, he use only useless and ineffective trick. Dribbling is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvbbzVCyoik or dribbling means overcoming the players not unnecessary tricks. Denilson can't overcoming nothing, he was a clown. Denilson is not even in top 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 best dribbler ever, simple he was not a dribbler.
  12. Denilson can't dribbler nothing, he was a clown. I've never seen him dribble 2-3-4 players, he was not a dribbler but only a clown, with useless tricks. Greatest clown in football history. Lucas is a effective dribbler but tactically he is stupid. Lucas is better than willan, more goals, a lot more assist, more dribbling, more aggresive in defense. Is not a opinion, is a fact, statistics show that.
  13. for me Cristiano Ronaldo is overrated, he is not decisive in big games, a lot of goal aganist poor teams and only some tap-ins against Barca, Borussia,Atletico, and Bayern. he is not a great dribbler, most of the time he is a tap-in striker with some great goals and nothing more. Madrid would be better without him. this is a great topic about the overrated Cr7 http://www.goallegacy.net/t14032p180-cristiano-ronaldo-the-most-overrated-player-of-all-time Messi is from another universe, the best player ever, in the past 15 years I saw only one player destroy the defenses like Messi, Ronaldo Phen
  14. he has not failed, he was very young, only 18 years old. Bergkamp and Henry were absolutely nothing in the Serie A 90s(the best league in history with Serie A 80s), so, there are not great players?
  15. oh yes even the defenders of Real and barca are shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTu5eNWJ_0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUtMph3UdZk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMUZ2ERWdiQ
  16. will have more problems the defenders of Psg to manage Hazard, Willan and Eto'o or the defenders of Chelsea against these 3 guys?
  17. Lucas is poor in front of goal because he play like a right winger if he was playing in the same position of Hazard would do more goals, because his foot is not the left but the right
  18. Lucas has done better against Barca. Lucas is faster, better dribbler, with better vision, more aggresive in defense than willan. The only problem of Lucas is that he has a bad decision making.
  19. bullishit the premier league has shit defenders, the Ligue 1 does not have a great quality, but defenses are more aggresive and physical, the referees whistle less the fouls. There are prairies in the premier, La Liga is better. I do not understand why, if the Premier is best league in wolrd, there are only 2 teams in CL and 0 teams in El. la LIga has 5 teams in Europe, 3 in Cl and 2 EL. considering MU will be destroyed by Bayern, the EPl have only 1 team with the possibility to go in the semifinal of CL and 0 in EL and again Lione-tottenham(top 5 in EPL) 5-3
  20. Willan is an average winger and nothing more, Lucas is better than Willan some stats Lavezzi goals 8 assits 2 total successful dribbles 24 turnovers 48 Lucas goals 3 assists 10 total successful dribbles 87 turnovers 52 Willan goals 2 assist 3 total successful dribbles 44 turnovers 38
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