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  1. They were shite and weak, and Mourinho still pussied out.
  2. Yes he did, but that is never the problem with him. He'll still finish well at 50, it's everything else with him that's the problem. A City midfield for us today would have ensured we would have mauled Arsenal and they were pants, down and bent over for the taking. Look at Mikel and Lampard in the starting line up and people wonder why we concede so many and don't control games on the attacking end.
  3. You can wish whatever the fuck you want, as you're insignificant to me, I'm talking about the manager, the Coward One that is.
  4. If he does, Lampard will still be in his fucking starting line up every week despite being 60. I dreaded the day he returned and nothing has changed. The good thing is Roman will boot him out again before long.
  5. Free pass to play all season long regardless of form, Mata has a bad game and barely makes the bench.
  6. I can't fucking wait for him to fuck off again. Cowardly, boring and unfair. What a fucking borefest.
  7. What a little whore Mourinho is. Taking off the striker, yes, fuck head, a point is gonna win us the league.
  8. It think it's to do with the way he was played unfit after his injury. He's probably 100% now.
  9. If Fred coming in means I won't see Lampard's name next to Ramires in midfield week in week out then I'm all for it. Frank should be getting minutes here and there behind the striker and nothing more than that.
  10. I don't see it as great news Wilshire missing out, he's been their weak link for quite some time.
  11. I'm secretly thinking Mourinho will field the same 11 that beat them in the Cup just to fuck them on a psychological level. It could work.
  12. So long as we get a central midfielder in January I won't mind whether we get a striker or a centre half. Our CM is the weakest link in the team and it's costing us offensively and defensively.
  13. What performances for Chelsea do you speak of? He has practically never played for us, I only remember the Villa game in the League, he did quite well other than missing a peno as we pumped them 8-0.
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