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  1. Chelsea cant play posession based football under mourinho. All we do is hug the ball near the line, noboy even tries to attempt any runs, no through balls, no nothing. You dont need to spend millions on likes of hazard, willian etc if all of your attacks end with ivanovich trying to "cross" the ball into the box. Really disappointed. I love mou, but seriously how the fuck cant he figure it out that his approach to posession based football does not work.
  2. okay can someone PLEASE explain to me why is essien the captain when we have the likes of Cahill, D Luiz, Cole and Mikel on the pitch?
  3. daily reminder that hazard is only 22
  4. not gonna win the league this year..the team is way too inconsistent
  5. top class performance from hazard. willian, lampard and ramires were excellent as well. however im done with torres for good now..
  6. Ivanovich attacking is so frustrating. His "crosses" make me cringe every time
  7. The hate towards Mikel is something I just cant wrap my head around. In football defending plays as important role as attacking(chelseas road to CL victory proves this) and in my opinion Mikel is a highly intelligent player who handles the defensive holding DM role very well. He is excellent at winning back the ball, tackling and keeping posession under pressure. Next time you see him play I beg you to look more closely to the passes he makes and you'll realise that he picks out the best possible pass in his position. He isn't passing the ball backwards just to piss you off, he is doing it to
  8. A lot of you are underestimating Willian and by appealing to your emotions fail to see the bigger picture here. Hes an amazing player and im sure Jose can make it work,else why would he bother signing hip up in the first place? + Mata aint going nowhere, so stop worrying about that! Judging by the last 2 games Mou has put chelsea to play style based on keeping the ball and slowly building up attacks from the middle. Having players like hazard and willian on the sides who are pacey, good dribblers,can take on opponents 1on1 and distribute some nice clever one-two passes is essential to this sor
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