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Are we missing more than Jose?

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After yet another pretty sluggish performance against the dippers midweek, it got me thinking about the fitness of our players. Are they slowed up because of injuries or is it because the training regime isnt as good now? Anyway, that got me thinking about not just the effect of Jose's departure but everyone else that went with him and I was wondering whether THAT has had a much more detrimental effect than the manager himself. I've never really been one to pay much attention to backroom staff so I did a bit of digging about:


Anyone else reckon this could be one of our biggest problems when it comes to getting a decent performance out of the lads this season?

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may be may be not..

brito knew what jose was thinking even before jose thought of it, said jose once..

but most coaches nowadays have their backroom staff they carry along with them..

you dont say bill gates couldnt have build microsoft without the key persons involved cos he was the one who found those persons in the first place..

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Tbh I always admired his backroom staff. They all seemed to be working for one cause and one purpose as a unity. They seemed smart and knew what they were doing. They were comfortable with Mourinho around. Everything what players do on the pitch starts from the training ground so the backroom staff directly affects the team and its performance.

So if you ask me - we miss Jose and his backroom staff.

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