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Tottenham Hotspurs FA Cup - Opposition Views 2


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SionTHFCRoberts from TottenhamHotspurs.tv has answered some questions on today very important FA Cup Semi Final clash with Tottenham!

- Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. We will start the interview with an easy question, how long have you supported Spurs for? Ever since i discovered the game of football, i dont kow why i picked them tbh Im in Noth Wales and everyone is a United, Liverpool or Everton fans. Also my old man is a Villa fan so i guess i was ment to be with tottenham!

- Tottenham have been a bit up and down as of late, what do you think the reasoning for it has been but more importantly are you happy with the season thus far? Firstly i think our season has been great up untill we beat Newcastle 5-0 ever since then it has been downhill and also with Capello leaving England the media have'nt stopped talking about Redknapp and the England job. It has obviously effected the players too. I think the injury of Aaron Lennon didnt help as we had to play players out of possition and it was just a massive disaster. Bale has started to think he is CR7 playing on the right which is annoying because he is shite on that side, hes gotten more selfish shooting from 25-35 yrds out when there was a decent pass on for him. But overall the team have just lost whatever we had at the start of the season we were playing fast free flowing attacking football but now its just gone.

- Chelsea's defense has been a bit up and down as of late, we have let in some very sloppy goals. Do you think you will pressure us into making the same mistakes? If we turn up and play like we did against you at the bridge we have a great chance im also guessing some of your "big" players will be rested for Barca so hopefully Luiz and Cahill at the back. That Luiz is a disatster waiting to happen i dont know why he goes on them attacking rung but it leaves you wide open at the back and hopefully we can exploit that.

- What are your thoughts on Fernando Torres? He has been playing some great football for Chelsea in recent weeks and in slowly finding form again. Do you think he will start finding the net on a more regular basis? I have always rated Torres and always will and that volley against Wigan last week was world class, unlucky to hit the post. Recently he has been playing well from what i have seen looking like the old Torres we knew from hid days in red. Hopefully he has a shite game against us hahaha

- William Gallas was an outstanding contributor to Chelsea's successful run between 2001-06, before leaving Chelsea for Arsenal and then moving on to Spurs. How has he been playing for you? Hes been conistent to be fair he has his moments but i he has been playing well lately coming in for the injured dawson. I expect he will play tomorrow alongside King. Losing Kaboul will be a massive blow to as he is so good in the air and takes no bullshit when he defends. Im hoping he can step up against his old side and score a 90th min winner like that donkey did today

- If you had to pick one Chelsea player to join Spurs, who would it be and for what reason? Thats a tough one, i would take an in-form Torres. He is deadly on his day but also Juan Mata has been fantastic this year for you. Also Petr Cech he has been such a good keeper over the years, it would be between them three.

- Looking at your current squad, which player has been your stand out player this season and if you had to choose one player that you would think would make an impact at Chelsea who would it be and why? Again Kaboul has improved so much this year and has been a vital part of our back four, Bale has been outstanding this season too but just abit on the selfish side, But i think that Bale would create an impact ot Chelsea simply because he is a world class player. He has got everything in him , Pace, Power, Skill he can cross a ball and also has a magnificent left boot.

- Finally, what do you think the final score will be in our very important FA Cup Semi final encounter? It could go either way if we dont turn up it could be a cricket score but if Redknapp talks some sence and the players are up for it maybe we will win 2-0. Wont be suprised if we lose tho.

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