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West Bromwich Albion - Opposition Views #2


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Boinger219 from Westbromwichalbion-mad.co.uk has kindly answers some questions on today's Premier League encounter!

How long have you supported West Brom for? Supported the baggies for 7/8 years when i first went, loved it from minute one to minute 90, we may have lost my first game but i loved it, i loved the atmosphere and the fact that not much was expected by us, it was also nice to be able to go to a local team and watch them most weeks instead of watching from a chair.

We are just the half waypoint of the season and you are sitting on 32 points, are you happy with your current position? If i was given the 32 points and position were in now back in August i'd have snapped your arm off, we've had our up's and downs with the Roy out brigade and some football not so easy on the eye, but i think to the 0-0 against Man City and our last 2 games and can't help but be proud and smile and think we deserve our place, and we do, we've worked hard and gone under the radar, were never given much credit and any given is through gritted teeth yet if we make Europa League through either league or fair play standings were going to be this brilliant club as media will notice us, were a force that not many recognise yet when teams play us they think were a decent outfit.

Who has been your stand out player this season, and who should we look out for? Stand out is difficult, we have a partnership at the back with McAuley and Olsson but then you can't take much away from Shane Long, if he was injury free he'd have got at least as many as Odemwingie who's on form but i don't think will start due to a flight back from Rwanda being an issue but no doubt he'll be chomping at the bit to play and start the game as the form he is in is that good.

If you could pick one Chelsea player to join WBA who would it be and why? Not sure who i'd want to be honest, always rated Sturridge, great pace and a clinical finish but i suppose Mata playing behind the striker is the one i'd like as he is my type of player, attention to detail and plays everything to the best of his ability.

Do you think West Bromwich can take advantage of Chelsea's up and down season, what do you think the final score will be? We have a chance, we've had an up and down season to though, very unpredictable game, if we can get our passing game going and show steel at the back then i believe we could at least get the draw as we play some great stuff but we don't it's dyer if i'm honest no real purpose, get the simple things right, passing receiving, moving then we can build, we did it against Sunderland, you back line looks weak, RDM is use to those to if we can attack i believe we can really cause chaos.

Prediction 2-2

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