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Everton - Opposition Views


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Alan_stubbs from Everton-mad.co.uk has kindly answered some questions on today's Premier League encounter!

- How long have you supported Everton for? Been supporting Everton for about thirty eight years now. In that time I’ve seen us win the League, FA Cup, Cup Winners Cup, and almost get relegated. Seen some great players come and go, as well as some really bad ones too.

- We are half way through the season, are you happy with the way the team is playing? Can’t say that I’m too happy, although things are looking up a bit now. I guess the Team can only play the way they are told. Moysie has been far too negative at times, which can be very frustrating and annoying. But having said that, even with some bad results, we are still in a decent League and FA Cup position.

- The transfer window just passed, are you happy with the players brought in and the player that were sent out? I wouldn’t say I’m happy to lose Saha and Bilyaletdinov, but they needed to move on. Saha had become a bit stale at Everton, so a fresh start could be good for him. As for Bilyaletdinov; he needed to go to save his career. The guy was going nowhere with Everton, which was sad because he is such a talented player. Good luck to both of them.

The players we've brought in? Donovan has slotted in nicely again, and is looking every inch an Everton Player. Can't say much about Pienaar other than he should bring some much needed creativity; we just need him to have a decent run of form. Don't know enough about Jelavic at the moment.

All in all, given our financial situation, I would say that I am happy that we have brought a few players in... and actually bought one of them.

- Who has been your stand out player this season, and who should we look out for? Wow that’s a hard one (as the Prostitute said to the Bishop). I’m going to say Leighton Baines. He’s a solid, dependable, Defender, who can get up the flank and aid the attack. The guy has had a few lapses of concentration this Season, but he’s still my choice.

I would say the Player to look out for would be Drenthe if he plays. He can be very unpredictable with charging at defences, and releasing shots out of nowhere. If he doesn’t play, look out for Pienaar.

- Who is your favourite Chelsea player and why? Well it’s certainly not Frank Lampard, he always scores against us. I think I’ll have to go with Ashley Cole. He’s a good solid pro who, much like Leighton Baines, can get up and down the pitch giving much needed support and options.

- Do you think Everton can take advantage of Chelsea's up and down season, what do you think the final score will be? Well to be honest both Everton and Chelsea have been up and down with their results this Season, so it could go bad for either Team. But yes, if Everton 'click', and Chelsea have one of their off days, then I think we could come away with all the points... but that could also go the other way too.

All said and done, I'm going two nil for Chelsea.

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