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  1. Its obvious tht Chelsea will be playing like fuckin next season. . Well I wont be commenting here anymore, FUCK YOU TOO, STICK WITH ALL THESE fucking players tht you love.
  2. Sell jorghino, pulicis, timo, Giroud, Ziyech, Alonso, Emerson and KEPA
  3. Chelsea need to SELL AT LEAST 8 PLAYERS at the end of the season.
  4. Muzchap . see what I meant. HAVE FAITH ???????
  5. PAID so much $$$$$$$$$$ for these players playing like 12 year old KIDS.
  6. Fuck .Chelsea losing ALL THE LAST 4 big matches ???? FA , Out of champion League, Lost Champion league final . GONE CASE.
  7. FUCK told ya, one chance from Aston and Chelsea is FUCKEDDDDDDDDD
  8. Puliscis is BAD BAD BAD Today. Tucheal nned chances at half time, not wait till 70 minutes
  10. Fuck Leicester scored, Liverpool Scored. Chelsea playing like 12 year olds.
  11. Chelsea shown US many times tht it wont end well.
  12. SAME LOSING result again ? When Chelsea playing FUCKING like THIS ???
  13. Fuck see WAHT I MEANT, nearly GONE CASE AGAIN Chelsea>
  14. And its TAKES only one CHANCE FROM ASTON VILLA and Chelsea is DONE.
  15. Fu ........ Chelsea wasting CHANCES like THT.
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