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  1. Will be Riviere for Monaco who has been Gameiro for PSG the last year?
  2. Well done Milan! I hate Barça! Messi 3 goals(on penalty) in 11 matches against Italian teams. :D
  3. What a shameful show at San Siro! The speaker, a few minutes before the match, announced with a joyful tone the Pazzini's injury and Balotelli in startin XI. Mass hysteria among the fans, and Pazzo went away very angry. Moreover, the penalty given to Milan at 93 has been really ridiculous. It was already written..elections are coming!!!
  4. Klose is nearly incomparable to Ronaldo.
  5. That's incredible he's still alive.. With regard to Lazio ban, I don't know how it could be a right decision, after all it has nothing to do with football, even considering that 2 Roma supporters took part in aggession. What is sure is that Lazio would have to "pay" because of the facts happened within the stadium which, if i'm not mistaken, is warned. To be fair, there is to say that even some Tottenham fans had chorused, during the Home match vs Maribor, chants against jewish, with regards to a group of Tottenham fans, "Yid army".
  6. You know...I've seen a flying donkey
  7. That's the best Europa League ever, regardless of the teams that will be relegated from Champions League.
  8. That's right, but to be fair, even if Juventus had been unbeaten more than 58 games they would have achieved a record no way comparable to Milan's one. Rossoneri played 2 years in a row Serie A(stronger than today by far) and Champions League(2 editions, 23 matches, only a lost against Ol.Marseille), by contrast, Juve didn't play european cups last year, and now that they do it, they meet some problems in Champions League. Juventus are doing more than they expected at the beginning of Conte's appointment, but at any rate they deserve to be considered a great team.
  9. Juventus has scored another irregular goal. Despite this, Inter can't complain because of the recent "benefits" given from referees. I would be pleased to see only 5/6 teams play an own championship, so that we see if they amuse themselves.
  10. Probably true, but in Europe, Milan have been better by far. Actually, Juventus are increasing their confidence match by match. They need to plug thier gaps just completing their line-up with 2/3 great players who are also humble to be available to Conte's choices. SERIE A, DAY 8 Juventus-Napoli 2-0 (Caceres 80', Pogba 82') Lazio-Milan 3-2 (Hernanes 25', Candreva 41', Klose 49', De Jong 61', El Sharaawy 79') Cagliari-Bologna 1-0 (Nainggolan 61') Atalanta-Siena 2-1 (Reginaldo 59', Cigarini 63', Bonaventura 83') Chievo-Fiorentina 1-1 (Thereau 17', Rodriguez 18') Inter-Catania 2-0 (Cassano 28', P
  11. Juventus has won against Napoli a match that is supposed to be very intense.
  12. He actually plays for Verona, in Serie B. He's likely to be promoted to Serie A as Verona are, maybe, the best team of the league, but it appears strange thinking about a great talent like him who doesn't play at least for good teams. However, he's "only" 26. I hope for him that he can live a new youth and show what he knows to be.
  13. Juventus and Moggi has been condamned repetedly, from many different courts. Moggi, for what he's done, was even disbarred. Continuous attempts to demonstrate an own innocence just smirching other people, such as the phone tapping fake between De Santis and Facchetti, which it had been ruining more Juventus that, despite continuous stance in order to get what you would have won at that times, has kept a considerable distance from Moggi.
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