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  1. Why are we looking for big names only? Drobga wasnt big before he signed with us and look how he turned out, Fuck the big names, lets get someone good and make him our own, i can also see schurlle ending up as a striker if Ba goes or due to under performing people in front.
  2. Wait a minute? 1st rooney, now you all want fucking Suarez? what the fuck kind of fans are you? What fickle fickle "fans" this club has these days.
  3. Anyone else just flat out not want him? Utd legend, a bit of a scumbag (and a scouser to boot ) I'd almost be like utd buying drogba, not quite as bad, but you catch my drift. He's been pretty poor for the last couple of years to, and he's stagnated as a player, Mourinho could probably get the best out of him all the same but i'd far rather we get someone else. Someone our own. Fuck these hand me down dead weight rival clubs legends.
  4. Delighted for frank for both the record and the new contract, With jose looking like a return, dodging the falcao bullet, talk of cavani coming in and lamps,cole staying, benetiez going this next season could shape up to be one of the best ever.
  5. Least we agree on something then, i honestly think a 4-3-3 with a midfield of luiz felliani and lampard would be savage, Can play whoever you want up front then, big small short tall whatever, tho i'd say Ba hazard mata, or with a dream team cavani.
  6. That team would be get bullied of the ball by dwarfs...
  7. No, thats often been more the exception to the rule then the rule, If you bothered reading my post i said buy him and loan him and see what happens,im all for buying young players, but you need experience not just talent.I just dont think the other 2 should be cast aside just yet either, especially not for a 17 year old no matter how much promise he's apparently showed.
  8. By 19 he could be shite, buy him and loan him out for a few years and see, sure, but Bertrand has earned his place and PVA will be a good back up, plus their different types of players, if you need a more defensive set up bertrands your man, need some attacking? PVA's there, Balance is the key. Anyway no real point arguing since you've already made your mind up after a handful of good performances against us...ignoring the fact bertrand passed a real test, playing the champion league final admirably.
  9. PVA on loan as well tho. So shaw isnt really needed imo
  10. They wouldnt, glory hunters dont seem to support teams who arnt doing well
  11. How did you get that out of the video? And lets go for a win, Put the b team and the kids out and have a go, then at 60mins if its doable stick a few one for a win, would love to go hammer utd and win this again!
  12. I dont agree on finishing outside of the top 4, But i agree about the transfer policy, the club needs an overhaul, tho i wouldnt go entirely youth, i'd say a mix of youth and good buys and leave the big name signings to the minimum or fool proofs, Also we dont have to try and win the Cl every year, just in or preferably past group stage is more then good enough most of the time, well until we get back on track anyway.
  13. Finished outside of the top 4 would be a disaster, We need to finish inside it big time, the team isnt that bad, it showed what it can do when fired up, i.e. united before we got screwed, it needs about 4 players i'd say 2 (lukaku and cavani?) more strikers and 2(fellaini/someone else) more midfielders, a formation change, sell marin and mikel and a new manager, mourinho who stays for a very very long time. That's easily enough done in the summer if we can just about make it again.
  14. He's such a fucking joke, i'd hope for his sake he's trying to fuck us up, otherwise he's just pathetic
  15. Benitez is the most worthless cunt ever, Shit subs, shit selection, shit everything. Terry for Mikel before toure's goal, Move david luiz to midfield, Oscar for Rami then, 3rd sub for whoever needs it, Game Won or at least drawn How can this useless sack of shit not see this? Must have a party when he leaves and takes that useless torres cunt with him
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