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  1. I completely concur that Loftus Cheek should be playing all games ahead of Pedro and Willian
  2. This is a must win if we have Champions League Hopes. Plus wins against Leicester (H) and Watford (A) would give us 43 points at halfway stage. I guess we will need 35 Points from second half of the season, which will be tougher as we play all Top 6 clubs away with the exception of Tottenham
  3. I wish.....Just cannot understand why Chelsea refuse to give youngsters a chance
  4. Great win without even shifting a gear. We still look vulnerable at the back. One of these days we are going to get a thrashing. My take on todays game: 1) . I am getting a little concerned that the system does not suit Kante, and he is world class. Difficult decision for Sarri. Not sure what are our alternative options with him in the team 2) . I cannot even think about Chelsea without Hazard. If he goes we are screwed. Hope he stays for ever. He seems to be enjoying the new system, as do a lot of the team 3) . William's and Pedro's hot and cold form is bothering me. May be we
  5. I am happy with a draw, was expecting a thrashing with arguably the best attack on planet. Four points to Ponder: 1) Hate Luiz but boy he played well today. 2) We need a new striker badly. 3) Kovacic is a beast, awesome game today 4) Its fair to say Mosses needs to be shipped out, he just does not offer anything That being said, I hope we play a reserve team on Thursday and stay fresh for the weekend
  6. Kepa Azpi . Christenses Rudiger . Alonso Jorgiho Kante Kovacic Willian . Giroud Hazard
  7. 3 wins out of three, but I am far from happy with our defence. David Luiz is just not good enough, replace him with Christensen
  8. Tibo or New Keeper Azpi Christensen . Rudiger Emerson Jorginho Kante Hazard Willian Batshuayi Callum Hudson Odoi Chelsea to Loose 0-3, dont like it but truth be told
  9. CHO is Amazing, he is close to Mbape level already. He has to bein starting line up at Huddersfield.
  10. We loose this we are out of Champions league which means Hazard, Kante and Thibaut will leave ansd we start rebuilding from scartch. Conte has to start with an offensive team: TC Azpi Christensen Rudiger Zapacosta Kante Fabregas Emersen Willian Morata Hazard
  11. Totally agree, not worth 70M. He was Ok at best, Alonso is better in my opinion.
  12. Happy with the win, hope that was the beginning of a long winning streak. Points to Ponder: 1) Please never use Zappacosta as left back. He was so uncomfortable, would have preferred to see someone else 2) Our best defensive option is Azpi, Chtistensen and Rudiger. We were fairly comfortable at the back 3) Was happy to see Mosses doing well today 4) Still not sold on Pedro, seems very confused all the time. Willian is better option Bring on Barca
  13. 1) I hope we start with Zapacosta. Mosses just does not have the talent to deliver that final ball. He adds no value to the team. 2) I hope Conte gives Barkley a start. Would be a perfect match for him 3) Morata if he starts has to prove himself. I do not believe he has adopted to EPL as yet. Reminds me of Ronaldo in his early years at united a "crybaby" 4) My Team would be: Caballero Azpi Christensen Rudiger Zaps Kante Barclay Alonso
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